Support for Trans4m’s Integral Campus: Masters Students from HEC Paris select Home for Humanity as their Society Project

17 March 2019: Three Masters Students from Paris’ Grande Ecole HEC (Haute Ecole de Commerce) Class 2019 chose the further evolution of Home for Humanity as an integral Home Campus as their “contribution to society” project – and spent a first set of three days at Home for Humanity to evaluate its potential.

Titus Palivan (Switzerland / Romania), Rodrigo Garcia (Spain / Mexico) and Roman Zanoli (Switzerland) had joined forces to form a “dream team” to support Home for Humanity on its next evolutionary step to becoming a full-fledged Home Campus for Agents of Transformation – with a view to increasing its local and global impact. They joined Home for Humanity’s Co-Conveners Alexander Schieffer and Rama Mani for three full days in Hotonnes for a “strategy workshop”.

Their combined evaluation and creative ideas, as well as their capacity to systemize and to look at Home for Humanity from a wide range of angles, through the eyes of young changemakers, turned out to be of enormous value for Home for Humanity.

The project continues till the summer of 2019, and will have a profound influence on the strategic development of Home for Humanity, as well as Trans4m and Theatre of Transformation Academy.

More on this exciting initiative soon!