Trans4m in Jordan: MedLabs becoming an Integral Enterprise

In Mid February 2016, we spent a week in Jordan – with a primary focus to work with MedLabs, the largest medical laboratory group in the Middle East, on their journey to becoming an integral enterprise. […]

This journey is led by a social innovation team, stewarded by MedLabs’ CEO Dr. Hassib Sayhoun and directed by Trans4m Fellow Manar Agha al-Nimer, Vice President of MedLabs.

The trip included a research day with our Jordanian Senior Fellow Prof. Adel Al-Rasheed, who lives in Irbid in Northern Jordan, and currently works on a book highlighting key integral cases from Jordan, in Arabic language. This picture was taken at Prof. Adel’s home, few kilometers away from the Syrian border. It was dramatic to listen to the bombings of Assad’s planes in the distance.

The trip also included a meeting, hosted by Trans4m Fellow Sameer Al-Abbadi on Integral Jordan, and a meeting with Mrs. Haifa Najjar, Jordanian Senator and President of ASG Ahliyyah School for Girls, one of the most innovative schools in the region.