Dear Trans4mers and Friends of Trans4m !

Today, on the occasion of Winter Solstice, Trans4m concludes this year with our second “Four Seasons Newsletter”.

We have chosen the four “transitional and transformative” dates of nature’s cycle of life, as one season gives way to the following one, to share the most important news of Trans4m – our “local global movement for the integral renewal of people and planet”.

2016 has been a hugely turbulent crises ridden year for humanity and planet – and we, as the Trans4m community, respond with an even heightened commitment and dedication to participate in finding integral solutions for the burning issues of our time.

2016 has been an incredibly eventful year for us, in which we significantly strengthened our foundation to increase our impact in the future.

In short:

On the occasion of our tenth birthday on June 21, we launched a richly documented and innovative new Website

This year, we have seen an all-time high of 22 participants in our PhD program on Integral Development, that we run in partnership with South Africa’s Da Vinci University. Participants are coming from Africa, Middle East, Europe, US and Asia. Each one of them is integrally addressing a burning issue – in theory and in practice.

We are proud of the development of our Junior Fellows Program, where a growing group of young Agents of Transformation joined our integral partner organizations from around the world – from Paraguay to Brazil, from Nigeria to Egypt, from Sri Lanka to India – to bring about tangible transformation on local grounds. Many examples of their inspiring work can be found on our website.

Existing Local centers that work with the Integral Worlds approach have been strengthened; new ones are in preparation. More news on this soon!

Complementing this letter, you will find Seasonal Highlights and News, as well as New Trans4m Videos – altogether providing you with a short update on the latest development of our collective work around the world.

We conclude with our sincere expressions of gratitude to all of you – for your support, encouragement and interest in our work. We are much looking forward to deepening our collaboration in the New Year – and to strengthen our collective transformative efforts for a more healthy and wholesome development of people and planet.

We wish you a peaceful, happy and courageous 2017 !

With kindest wishes and TRANS4Mative greetings !

Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem


MedLabs Jordan becoming a CARE-ing Business

In a workshop in Amman, led by Trans4m, MedLabs Group makes strong move towards its transformation into an Integral

Providence Human Capital, Zimbabwe, on its Way to Become an Integral Enterprise

A group of 30 representatives of Providence Human Capital met in Harare, together with Trans4m, to take their Integral Enterprise story further on.

Leading Jordanian Schools ASG & BSA spearheading Integral Education in the Middle East

A group of 30 representatives of Providence Human Capital met in Harare, together with Trans4m, to take their Integral Enterprise story further on.

Agents of Transformation Course at Home for Humanity

On Becoming Agents of Transformation: University of St. Gallen Course took place at Trans4m’s Home for Humanity

Integral Peace Festival at Home for Humanity

A diverse group of 70 local and global Transformation Agents explored new ways to bring about “Integral Peace”


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