Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of Trans4m !

An intensive and dramatic year comes to a close.

In 2017, our movement has grown in size, as well as in geographic and cultural coverage. As a community, we have matured further in terms of bonding, commitment and co-creation across continents, augmenting our capacity to contribute to these crucial transition times.

With this final newsletter of 2017, we share with you some of our “landmarks” in the fourth quarter of the year. We also convey our unflagging optimism that we can indeed shape integral futures – embracing, honoring and enabling the uniqueness of each one of us and of each of our societies.

Given the increasing complexity and confusion we encounter as humanity, we at Trans4m are constantly exploring ever more innovative ways to counter fragmentation with integration. Fueled by the passion of our local-global community of fellows and partners, we are charting new pathways towards peaceful and regenerative co-evolution.

May the New Year become a year, in which our collective ability for “unity and humanity” within “uniqueness and diversity” brings forth ever more rich and nourishing fruits – within ourselves, and for the world!

May it become a year of healing and “whole-ing”, of creativity and courage, of dreaming and dedication, of joy and of light!!

May 2018 bring all of us closer together!!!

On behalf of the entire Trans4m Community, we thank you wholeheartedly for your support and collaboration.

With kindest wishes and TRANS4Mative greetings !

Alexander & Ronnie

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem


Tanweer = Enlightenment: Inspiring Roundtable on Holistic Education for Societal Transformation in Jordan and Beyond

ASG and BSA Jordan, in partnership with Trans4m, launched the first Roundtable for Educational Renewal in Jordan, which took place in Amman on November 16 and 18

New PhD PHD Induction took place in
Trans4m’s Home for Humanity

10 new participants of the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD program, including now for the first time ever also the Trans4m PHD program, met in Hotonnes, France for a rich four days induction process.

Beyond a PhD Module:
Experiencing Integral Realities in Jordan

A group of 13 Trans4m Da Vinci PhD participants met in Amman for a highly productive interaction between Integral Theory and Practice

University of St. Gallen at Trans4m’s Home for Humanity: Intensive Course on Becoming an Agent of Transformation

20 Students of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, came to Home for Humanity for an Intensive Seminar on becoming Agents of Transformation

Envisioning an Integral Congregation:
Trans4m Workshop in Northern Nigeria

The Congregation of Catholic Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima invited Trans4m for a workshop to the city of Jos in Northern Nigeria – with the objective to explore the potential of the Integral Development approach to prepare the congregation for its next phase of inner development and outer expansion.

Communitalism Workshop in Nigeria’s Edo State:
Deepening and Expanding of an Integral Approach to African Economics

A short and vibrant workshop at Pax Herbals, Ewu, served to further the theory and practice of Communitalism, developed by Co-Founder of Pax Herbals Father Anselm Adodo.

Integral Enterprise in Zimbabwe:
Foundation of the Kuona Circle for Integral Enterprise

Providence Human Capital (PHC) is well on its Zimbabwean way towards becoming an integral enterprise, while, at the same time, its Kuona (I “CIE”) Circle for Integral Enterprise has also been founded.

Trans4m in Amman: Supporting MedLabs’ Journey as an        Integral Enterprise

BIG VIVA: Jubril Adeojo’s Collective PHD Presentation took        place in Nigeria’s Ajegunle Community

Exploring Integral Development and Communitalism for Rural        Nigeria: Co-engaging with Samuel Adegboyega University

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Integral Development        in Nigeria and Africa

NOSTRAS – An Emerging Integral Enterprise in Switzerland’s        Wallis

Transforum: Reformed Forum of Bern University invites        Trans4m for Talk and Workshop on Integral Education

Dr. Emil Nothnagel from South Africa joins Trans4m        Fellowship with Focus on Local Green Economic        Development

Smart Zongololo from Zimbabwe joins Trans4m Fellowship        with Focus on Integral Agriculture

Geneva, Switzerland · Hotonnes, France

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