Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of Trans4m !

2018 started for Trans4m with a rich and, as you will see, highly “transcultural” intensive first quarter.

It included:
  • Our 6th Integral Africa Roundtable in Johannesburg
  • The inauguration meeting of our partner institution CIFE Center for Integral Finance and Economics in the UK
  • A collaboration week with our integral partner organisation Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka, working together towards a University for the Awakening of All
  • The participation at a conference for collaborative knowledge production, in cooperation with the Tata Institute for Social Science and our Mumbai based partner organisation CORO
  • A PhD Module in South Africa with our latest Trans4m Da Vinci PhD cohort, including a group of participants enrolled in Trans4m’s PHD Process for Holistic Development program
  • A workshop to introduce the Integral Worlds approach to faculty and students of the University of Johannesburg
  • A first-time collaboration trip to Tanzania, with two of our PhD Fellows, engaging with Tanzania’s renowned KCC Kigamboni Community Center
  • A “work-week” in Zimbabwe, supporting our local integral community, in particular in and around the newly established Kuona Center for Integral Enterprise
Below this short introduction, you find a collection of these highlights, for you to explore further.

As we are spreading the Trans4m wings further, our local centers are playing an ever more important catalytic role. Here are three African examples: Firstly, OFIRDI Ofure (Pax) Integral Research and Development Initiative, under the leadership of Trans4m Senior Fellow Father Anselm Adodo, is starting this May, together with Ibadan University (Nigeria) and Trans4m, a new Masters Program for Transformation Management in Africa. Secondly, members of the CISER Center for Integral Social and Economic Research and OFIRDI, both in Nigeria, are in the process of setting up a CARE 4 Africa Book Series, to be launched in 2018. And thirdly, Zimbabwe’s Pundutso Center for Integral Development is currently conceptualising a second volume following the original Integral Green Zimbabwe book, showcasing the most recent research-to-innovation developments in our Zimbabwean community. These are just three examples, illustrating how we grow as a community, locally and globally, with the local in the lead.

In our newsletter, we share the highlights of the quarter. The newsletter is a tool for you to stay abreast of the developments in our Trans4m community. Much more, it is an invitation to you, dear friend and supporter, to engage with us – on our shared journey to originate holistic solutions for today’s most burning issues, and to “shift the paradigm” towards an integral way of living, learning, and innovating together.

Please visit our website for regular updates on Trans4m’s “integral innovations”. Let us know your comments and thoughts and please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues.

With kindest wishes and TRANS4Mative greetings!

On behalf of the Trans4m Community

Alexander & Ronnie

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem


Advancing the Integral Africa Agenda: Trans4m’s 6th Integral Africa Roundtable took place in Johannesburg

24 Transformation Agents from various African countries, as well as from other continents (Europe, Asia, Middle East) got together for this 6th Integral Africa Roundtable dedicated to strengthening their collective engagement in co-creating an Integral Africa.

Co-creating a Learning and Innovation Ecology: Trans4m Da Vinci PhD PHD Module in South Africa

Eight of Trans4m’s PhD and PHD participants met in South Africa for a six-days doctoral module, co-hosted by Da Vinci Institute of Technology and Innovation and Trans4m.

Awakening of All: Trans4m working with Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka to create a “University for Awakening”

Through a series of workshops in Sri Lanka, Sarvodaya and Trans4m, deepened their partnership for holistic development – this time with a particular focus on creating a new educational platform within Sarvodaya to stimulate widespread societal transformation in an integral guise.

Pacemaker: CIFE’s Inaugural Conference sets the Tone for Integral Finance and Economics

London based Center for Integral Finance and Economics (CIFE) assembles a group of European, Asian and African Trans4m Fellows to explore integral finance models for socio-economic transformation.

Collaborative Knowledge Creation: Trans4m Co-Engaging in Grassroots Conference in Mumbai

The Tata Institute for Social Science (TISS), together with Trans4m’s partner organisation CORO, hosted a collaborative workshop space to explore and inact more collaborative and integral forms of knowledge creation and social innovation.


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