Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of Trans4m!

Celebrating a full circle of twelve years together!

Today, as we celebrate Trans4m’s 12th Anniversary, we thank all of you for shaping and supporting this journey, and we share our plans for the next 12-year circle.

Let’s take stock. Over the past 12 years, we, Ronnie and Alexander, have worked hand-in-hand with so many of you in every continent of the world to build up Trans4m’s theory, practice and global community.
  • For twelve years, we have been guided by our PURPOSE to catalyse integral transformation to unlock the “Gene-ius” of self, organization and society.

  • We have developed our Trans4m COMMUNITY for integral development in well over twenty countries, among them Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK and the US.

  • We have engaged in the renewal of CULTUREs by working with transformative individuals and initiatives to reinvigorate the social and cultural fabric, in some cases, like Zimbabwe and Slovenia, with entire national societies. A series of integral centers and institutes has been set up in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany and Slovenia.

  • We have facilitated INNOVATION and knowledge creation through two book series with Routledge, one of the world’s leading publishers. Our Transformation and Innovation Series has published over 25 volumes, with contributions by Trans4m’s Fellows from all continents. The Integral Green Society and Economy Book Series features whole-society renewal in Zimbabwe and Slovenia. These and our other publications are a showcase for the decolonization of knowledge, as they bring transformative theory and practice generated in so-called developing countries into the major libraries and thought centers of all worlds.

  • We have achieved real-life IMPACT on multiple levels. Our PhD Program on Integral Development has seen 7 cohorts of over 30 candidates, many of whom received awards for the transformative impact of their doctoral work. Our Young Transformers Program has seen our Junior Fellows contributing practically and academically to our partner organizations on all continents. We have directly engaged with and co-created transformative solutions with integral institutions including: cutting-edge companies, such as MedLabs in Jordan, Sekem in Egypt, and Virgin Money in the UK; progressive universities, like Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development in Egypt, Da Vinci Institute in South Africa, and University of St. Gallen in Switzerland; innovative schools, such as Ahliyyah School for Girls and Bishop’s School for Boys in Jordan.

We celebrate each one of you for contributing to these remarkable developments in such a short period of time.

A Time for Renewal and Expansion!

We are now ready for an evolutionary update of Trans4m in order to better serve our existing community, to expand it further, and to multiply our beneficial impact in this time of major transition in the world. Responding to the needs of a dramatically changing world environment, and in co-creation with our Trans4m members, we propose to further develop two distinct focus areas:
  • Ronnie Lessem, together with transformative others, and with a combined strong emphasis, expertise and talent for transformative research and integral knowledge creation, will focus on developing Trans4m’s theory and practice into the development of communiversities. This will enable the integral co-creation of research academies, sanctuaries, laboratories and learning communities, jointly engaging in societal renewal. The initial communiversities will potentially be co-evolved in the UK, Zimbabwe, Jordan and Pakistan.

  • Alexander Schieffer will further evolve his passion for nurturing individual and collective human potential to actualize integral transformation. Together with other Trans4m members, he will focus on grounding Trans4m’s approach more deeply in ecology, culture and spirituality, and integrating it into “experienced life practice” in order to catalyze greater regenerative impact on individual, organizational, community and societal levels. For this, he will develop Trans4m’s Home for Humanity into the nucleus of an integral ecology of transformation agents and agencies.

  • Jointly, Ronnie and Alexander, will continue leading our global Trans4m Da Vinci PhD Program for Integral Development in complementary manner.
We see this as the optimal way to serve the Trans4m community, and to facilitate its further evolution and growth across the globe.

In this newsletter we share, as always, a selection of key happenings, events and achievements from across the Trans4m Community over the last three months.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues and do share your reflections and feedback.

As we enter this new circle of the next twelve years, we look forward to travelling the integral journey together with you.

With kindest wishes and TRANS4Mative greetings!

Alexander & Ronnie

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem


Tanweer (Enlightenment) Initiative in Jordan enters its next Phase, catalysed by a two-day integral workshop in Amman

About 40 Transformation Agents from within Amman’s ASG/BSA Schools and from all sectors of Jordanian society joined a two-day integral workshop on “School Transformation to Societal Renewal”, driving the Tanweer Process forward.

Sekem in Egypt Reloaded: Successful PhD of Max Abouleish turns out to be Milestone for the renewal of Sekem’s approach to Integral Human Development

Two days of Phd Vivas, Workshops and Future Council Meetings mark the end of the PhD of Max Abouleish, while opening a new era for Sekem’s renewed approach to Integral Human, Organisational and Community Development.

Towards Holistic Co-Creation: Tahrir Lounge and Goethe-Institut invite Trans4m for Workshop in Cairo

Alumni of the Dialogue and Transition projects, invited by Tahrir Lounge and Goethe-Institut, met with Trans4m for lively explorations of the Integral Worlds approach.

Integral Kumusha: The traditional African Homestead as Starting Point for the Renewal of the Zimbabwean Economy via Nhakanomics

This report from Zimbabwean Trans4m Fellow Daud Shumba Taranhike illustrates how Trans4m’s research-to-innovation processes also serve to revitalize local economies, by tapping deeply into the wealth of culture and heritage of a society.

Integral Dialogue and Integral Arts Laboratory at Trans4m’s Home for Humanity

Initiated by Trans4m and Theatre of Transformation Academy, in partnership with two local cultural associations, an Integral Dialogue and Integral Arts Laboratory took place at Home for Humanity.

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