Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of Trans4m!

Another transformative quarter has passed for the Trans4m Community – one that was so intense, that this quaterly update only comes out a full week after the autumn equinox.

But your waiting, we believe, was worthwhile, as we have important developments to report on from South Africa, where we just held a promising Integral Africa Enterprise Roundtable and from Slovenia, where, in addition to a successful PhD Module, our 4th International Conference for an Integral Green Economy took place. You will see that featured in our Seasonal Highlights below.

But this quarter took us not only to South Africa and Slovenia, but also to Jordan, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Pakistan (on the latter we report in our next newsletter).

Furthermore, at the time of writing, Ronnie “Samanyanga” Lessem is in Zimbabwe, working on the ground with our Zimbabwean Integral Community, while our rural campus “Home for Humanity” in France is preparing for a new PhD group to arrive for their induction next week – a highly diverse group coming from Jordan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, as well as Namibia/Germany.

In early September, Trans4m’s “Home for Humanity” also co-hosted, together with the Theatre of Transformation Academy, a local global Transformation Festival, gathering over sixty transformation agents from our local Valromey area, from the Geneva region, as well as from an international constituency – including changemakers from Syria, Palestine,Turkey and India. At this festival, we engaged - in a joyful yet determined manner - in the “integral dance” of nature, culture and spirit, with science, economics and politics. From now on, this festival will take place on an annual basis.

With this newsletter we share, as always, a selection of the most recent key happenings, events and achievements from across the Trans4m Community.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues and do let us know your reflections and feedback.

With kindest wishes and TRANS4Mative greetings!

Alexander & Ronnie

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Cover Picture and Aereal View of “Home for Humanity”
by Maxime Bertocchi, Trans4m Junior Fellow


4th International Integral Economy Conference in Slovenia:
Exploring Collaboration between Europe,
Africa and the Middle East

This two-days highly interactive conference turned out to be a very productive event, with about 60 local and global integral development thinkers and practitioners learning from each other and exploring concrete collaboration potential across continents.

Integral Africa Enterprise Roundtable in Johannesburg: Presenting Role-Models from Egypt, Jordan and Zimbabwe

Under the title “Building the Integral African Enterprise – Sustainable Business-in-Community Success in and for Africa”, Trans4m, in partnership with AFLEAD and GreenSkills, offered a workshop in the premises of AFLEAD Africa.

Trans4m Workshop with MedLabs in Amman:
From Integral Enterprise to Integral Academy

MedLabs, the leading Middle Eastern Medical Laboratory Group, invited Trans4m for a one-day workshop to develop an initial design for an Integral Learning Academy.

Education Reloaded:
A Four Day Education Retreat with Trans4m in the Swiss Alps

Upon invitation of the Reformed Forum of the Universities of Bern, Trans4m led a four-day retreat to unravel a vision for the future of education.

PhD Module in Slovenia:
A Strong Intimation of forthcoming Integral Impact

10 Participants of the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD Program on Integral Development gathered for their final module in Slovenia.

Next Step in Jordan’s Tanweer Journey: Arab Emancipatory        Education Roundtable took place in Amman, together with        Trans4m

Educational Innovation in Sri Lanka: Sarvodaya and Trans4m        collaborate towards building a unique Learning-and-        Innovation Platform for Societal Renewal in Sri Lanka

Trans4m Fellows Loshnee Naidoo, South Africa, and Jubril        Adeojo, Nigeria, receive prestigious Da Vinci Community        Services Award

PhD Graduation of Trans4m Fellows Manar Agha al-Nimer        and Maximilian Abouleish: Representing two potent Integral        Enterprise Role Models from the Middle East

Successful PhD Defense and Community VIVA: Manar Nimer’s        PhD helps transforming MedLabs in Jordan into an Integral        Care-ing Enterprise

Integral Education Roundtable in Slovenia’s Špitalič: A Local        Kindergarden as an Emerging Driver of Regional Integral        Development

Geneva, Switzerland · Hotonnes, France

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