Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of Trans4m!

Today, on Winter Solstice 2018, Trans4m completes one-eighth of a century: twelve and a half years.

It is with immense fulfillment that we look back over a year that has been enriching, eventful and expansive. It is with great satisfaction that we survey the completion of this significant cycle of our organisation’s life. Over this period, Trans4m has established a large community of integral transformation agents and organisations around the world. A local-global knowledge base has been co-created, with 26 volumes authored by more than 30 researcher-innovators from the south, east, north, west and center of the world: all featured in our Transformation & Innovation Series, published by Routledge. A full spectrum of practical applications of our Integral Worlds approach has been tried, tested and replicated literally on all continents.

Now we look forward to shaping the next twelve-year cycle of Trans4m, to consolidate this foundation, and finetune Trans4m’s focus to contribute integrally to the complex challenges that humanity and the earth face today. Informed by our conversations with many of you over the past year, and guided by the needs of our growing community, we have decided as Co-Founders to focus our energies in the following ways in the period ahead:

Trans4m Communiversity: Ronnie, in close association with Communiversity partners, will guide the newly emerging Communiversity movement that Trans4m has sparked worldwide. He will nurture and align the various manifestations of integrally oriented Communiversities that our partners are building with our support in Jordan, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Nigeria and the UK. Trans4m Communiversity Associates will become a transformative entity in its own right over time, in partnership with Trans4m.

A New Strategic Orientation of Trans4m: Alexander will spearhead the organisation as a whole into the future. He will lead Trans4m in a new regenerative direction by strengthening human, cultural and spiritual evolution within processes of integral development. The forthcoming agenda will include initiatives that take Trans4m’s integral approach into new arenas to enhance further its impact and reach. A central objective is also to expand Home for Humanity into a full-fledged transformative campus to serve the Trans4m and global community.

In order to integrate the lessons from the past 12.5 years and give shape to the emerging future of Trans4m, Alexander will be taking a semi-sabbatical from January to June 2019. In this period, he will be seeking input and advice from many of you who have been such invaluable partners, co-creators and students in this journey.

We close this year by sharing a selection of the most recent events and achievements from across the Trans4m Community – marking the highlights of the fourth quarter of this year.

As always, please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues and do let us know your reflections and feedback.

With heartfelt TRANS4Mative greetings for the year-end festivities and a regenerative New Year!

Alexander & Ronnie

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Cover Photo: © Maxime Bertocchi, Trans4m Fellow


Trans4m’s New PhD Cohort:
Highly international group meets for Induction
at Home for Humanity in France

With Participants from Jordan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Namibia/Germany a new group of PhD students began their research-to-innovation journey, as part of the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD Program for Integral Development, dubbed “Care-4-Society”.

Becoming Agents of Transformation:
25 Students from the University of St. Gallen
at Home for Humanity

25 Students from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, the so-called “Harvard Business School of Europe”, travelled to Home for Humanity for an intensive three-day module of their university course on “Becoming an Agent of Transformation: Integrated Self- Development”. Offered for the 5th year in a row, this course again attracted a highly motivated and diverse group of students from the University of St. Gallen, coming from Switzerland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Singapore and India.

Next Phase of Tanweer in Jordan:
Community Engagement Roundtable included a wide Array of Integral Examples from the Trans4m Community

About 70 community developers from across Jordan, and the world, came together to share functioning models and practices of community engagement, as a vital next step in the process of building up towards an Integral Arts College for Jordan and the Middle East

Developing Self, Contributing to Society:
A transformative Program in Egypt

Under the stewardship and upon invitation of the Goethe Institut in Cairo and the Tahrir Lounge, Trans4m was invited to conduct a three-days workshop for young Changemakers from Egypt – supporting them to articulate and shape their contributions to Egyptian Society.



Geneva, Switzerland · Hotonnes, France

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