Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of TRANS4M!

Our shared Journey of “Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity” continues.

At the end of this eventful year, we thank you warmly for your support and collaboration. In this newsletter, we are pleased to share some of the main happenings of the past six months, and to invite you to mark your calendars to join us for a few events at Home for Humanity in 2020.

As you travel virtually with us around the world through the programmes presented in our newsletter, you will meet our collaborators and partners, especially in this period from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In early 2020 we shall also have joint programmes with our partners in Asia and Latin America.

You will notice our increasing activities at our “living campus”, Home for Humanity, in the French Jura mountains, near Geneva. It is this local-global balance, between a vibrant center for integral development anchored in Home for Humanity, and the co-creation of integral solutions around the world, that we aspire to strengthen even further in the decade to come.

On that note, we invite you to mark three dates for 2020:

• 16/17 May 2020: The first HOME FOR HUMANITY WEEKEND, a transformative weekend for Change Agents to experience an integral journey of nature, culture, innovation and impact to evolve your unique contributions towards “Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity”. This event will take place annually on the weekend between the International Day of Living Together in Peace, 15 May, and the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, 21 May.

• 19/20 September 2020: Our annual TRANSFORMATION FESTIVAL @ HOME FOR HUMANITY, coinciding with International Peace Day. On that weekend you will experience the local-global integral work of TRANS4M and our sister organisation Theatre of Transformation Academy, led by Dr. Rama Mani. The 2020 Transformation Festival will be particularly special, as we shall have Marko Pogačnik from Slovenia, UNESCO Peace Artist and TRANS4M Global Wisdom Council member, inaugurating an Earth Healing art installation at Home for Humanity.

• 21/22 September 2020: Our annual TRANSF4RUM, a meeting of social innovators of the TRANS4M global community, who all actively apply the Integral Worlds approach in their pathbreaking organizations and communities worldwide. This interactive Forum is designed to share, strengthen and co-evolve their respective innovations towards our collective vision of “Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity”.

We hope you enjoy “journeying” through our recent events with our global partners, and we look forward to collaborating with you in our shared journeys of transformation in the coming decade.

Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues, and do let us know your reflections and feedback.

With heartfelt greetings for a joyful festive season and for a trans4mative and regenerative 2020.

on behalf of the TRANS4M Community

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Portrait Picture: by Islam “Shady” Safwat during “GENE-IUS” Workshop in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2019


Transformation Agents in Action:
A St. Gallen University Course at Home for Humanity

Vibrant Co-Learning, a strong Group Culture and a High Level of Motivation marked the 6th “Becoming an Agent of Transformation – Integrated Self Development” Course

Egypt’s Integral Gene-ius:
Shaping the Egyptian Geneius Innovation Community

Egyptian Transformation Agents develop their collective integral Proposition to contribute to a sustainable Future for Egypt

Milestone for the Integral Green Slovenia Movement:
5th International Conference for an Integral Green Economy took place in three Slovenian Venues – Poljčane, Špitalič & Žiče Charterhouse

The vibrant conference helped taking the Integral Green Slovenia initiative and the Integral Green Economy agenda to new heights, and explored concrete possibilities to integrally enrich the new and ambitious European agenda.

Social Initiatives Forum 2019 in Egypt:
TRANS4M contributes with an Integral Perspective to this Year’s Forum Focussing on “Unfolding Individual and Societal Potential”

This year’s highly informative and transformative SIF took place at Sekem and Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development in Egypt, a long-term integral partner organisation of TRANS4M.

Advancing the Integral PhD Journey:
Dynamic PhD Module in South Africa

Small and high-powered PhD group with participants from Zimbabwe, Jordan and Nigeria meets in South Africa

Making the Transition:
Inner Transition to Outer Transformation Weekend at Home for Humanity

Together with our Brazilian partner organization and ecovillage Terra Mirim, a Healing Journey took place at Home for Humanity, with a particular focus on working integrally through inner transition processes.

Foundations Established:
Home for Humanity Association in the Process of Manifestation

On International Peace Day, the founding members of the Home for Humanity Association came together to discuss Statutes, Strategy and Charter of Home for Humanity Association, that will also serve as TRANS4M’s Integral Campus.

Integral Africa:
Renewing the Integral Africa Dialogue in South Africa’s Sophiatown
Integral Nile Journeys:
Building up a Pan African Community of Communities along the River Nile
Co-Creating Unity in Diversity:
TRANS4M’s contribution to the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers Seminar 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland
Integral African Woman Leadership:
A Focus Group Meeting in Johannesburg led by Trans4m Fellow Premie Naicker
Integral Human Development:
TRANS4M Senior Fellow Maximilian Abouleish from Sekem in Egypt receives the Da Vinci’s President’s Council Award
Integral Alternative Dispute Resolution:
TRANS4M Fellow Sameer AlAbbadi from Jordan graduates in the Trans4m Da Vinci PhD Program on Integral Development
Integral Authentic Education:
TRANS4M Junior Fellow Christophe Haesler graduates at the University of St. Gallen
Humanity Charter:
First Draft Presented at Home for Humanity


Photo: by Elif Tibet

Geneva, Switzerland · Hotonnes, France

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