Dear Friends & Colleagues

An unusual year closes. A decisive era opens.

The past year, with all its difficulties and dramas, has heightened our collective sensitivity that humanity is in deep transition. There is no way back to the “old normal” – rather, we are called to build the “new extraordinary”. The next decade challenges us to step up, as a species, to support the creation of a regenerative future for all of life. This is the “new extraordinary” that is calling us.

To increase our ability to respond to this call and to amplify our impact in supporting personal, organisational, societal and planetary transformation in these decisive times, TRANS4M underwent a process of deep strategic renewal in 2020. Here is the result of this process.

Together with our partner organisation, the Theatre of Transformation Academy (TofTA), TRANS4M has co-created and launched HOME FOR HUMANITY – powered by “The Arts and Science of Integral Transformation”. On December 20, the International Day of Human Solidarity, we launched our collective vision and strategic mission on our new website On the same day we launched the Earth Home Alliance – a dynamic field of synergy that connects and champions all members of the Home for Humanity Family in their unfolding journeys of co-creating an inclusive, just and regenerative future for all life on Earth.

As of today, both institutions, TRANS4M and TofTA, become integral institutional pillars of a new home – HOME FOR HUMANITY – and both are aligned under its shared vision of “Co-creating Home on Earth”.

We hope you will enjoy discovering our website. See if you align with our vision and mission. Delve into the Humanity Charter, expressing a collective vision for our times, and the Humanity Charter movie. Explore our transformative programmes. And most importantly, write to us, with your reflections, interest in participation, and ideas for co-creation:

If you feel called to “come home”, we warmly invite you to partner with us in “co-creating home on earth”.

We wish you a trans4mative and fulfilling New Year!

On behalf of the entire TRANS4M community, and of the expanded Home for Humanity Family

Alexander, with Rama

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem


UNESCO Peace Artist Marko Pogaçnik from Slovenia at Home for Humanity:
Envisioning a Transformative Geopuncture Art-Installation for Global Unity and Peace
Integral African Feminine Leadership:
Congratulations to TRANS4M Fellow Premie Naicker from South Africa obtaining her PhD
African Enterprise Renewal:
Bravo to TRANS4M Fellow Chipo Ndudzo from Zimbabwe for obtaining her PhD
First “BIG PHD” Graduates:
Historic Milestone for TRANS4M & TCA
New Junior Fellow:
Delia Gilgen joins TRANS4M
Integral Impact Investments:
Trans4m Fellow Robert Dellner launches his new Book
Celebrating Bradman Weerakoon:
TRANS4M honours Senior Statesman, “Integral Civil Servant” and “Hero of Humanity” from Sri Lanka
Tribute to the great Spiritual Activist Swami Agnivesh:
TRANS4M mourns the loss of its Wisdom Council Member
TRANS4M’s Co-Founder Alexander Schieffer receives Life-Time Achievement Award

Photo: by Dr. Elif Tibet

Geneva, Switzerland · Hotonnes, France

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