Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of TRANS4M!

Humanity’s skies are heavily clouded. We are moving through dramatic times.

The COVID crisis, a reflection of the environmental and socio-economic mega-crisis of our time, has made the social gulfs on the planet visible for everyone. But it also brought us a higher level of human solidarity, and a shared understanding that we are all part of a larger Earth family that we need to collectively care for.

The brutal murder of George Floyd evoked a rise of global civil society against racism, colonialism and the patent injustices in our world, and a demand for systems transformation on a local and global level. It seems clear that we are, as humanity, on a crossroads. We must work together, ever more committed, ever more connected, to build a regenerative future for all life on Earth, or we might literally run out of future.

TRANS4M is responding to this call. The Art and Science of Integral Transformation, that we have developed over so many years, is proving to be an invaluable vehicle to transform our deeply divided world into a World that’s a true Home for Humanity.

While increasing our efforts, and expanding our reach, we are also converging forces to strengthen Home for Humanity, both as our global home campus in France, and as a guiding vision for all our collaborative work for planetary wellbeing. Please stay tuned, as in the forthcoming weeks and months we shall be sharing with you a few surprises and strategic evolutions.

As an immediate next step we invite you to join us for the following three online events:
  • July 3 - at the Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit:
    “The Home for Humanity Story: The Artistry of Integral Worldmaking”,
    featuring a number of our closest institutional partners across five continents

  • July 4 - as part of the global forum “Dialogues en Humanité”:
    “Transformative Education for Worldmaking”,
    experience Powerful Personal Accounts of Young Agents of Transformation (TRANS4M Junior Fellows) engaged in Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity

  • July 5 - also as part of “Dialogues en Humanité”:
    “The Home for Humanity Story”,
    to discover how our Homes can be Launchpads for Individual and Societal Transformation
We will make the respective access links available shortly, and hope to see you there!

For now, do travel with us through the programmes and activities presented in our newsletter, featuring highlights of our work in recent months. As we celebrate this Summer Solstice, which marks TRANS4M's 14th birthday, we look forward to continue this shared journey of integral transformation together with you all into this new era of systemic transition.

Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues, and do let us know your reflections and feedback.

With heartfelt and trans4mative greetings.

on behalf of the TRANS4M Community

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Portrait Picture: by Islam “Shady” Safwat during “GENE-IUS” Workshop in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2019


Reshaping International Development:
Cross-Continental St. Gallen University Course at virtual “Home for Humanity”

At a global conference on transformative leadership, convened by the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) and the World Academy for Arts and Science (WAAS), TRANS4M joined the panel for Science, Education and Youth to share its integral perspective on transformative education.

UNOG-WAAS Conference on Global Leadership in the 21st Century:
TRANS4M presents on “Transformative Education for Transformative Global Leadership”

Egyptian Transformation Agents develop their collective integral Proposition to contribute to a sustainable Future for Egypt

Transformative Education and Society Building:
Integral Keynote at Sarvodaya’s Headquarters, Sri Lanka

Hosted by Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, TRANS4M provided a keynote on the Integral Worlds approach and its relevance for Sarvodaya

Integral Education Dialogue:
Exploring Cooperation with Auroville, India’s “International City of Unity”

TRANS4M sharing its transformative educational approach with Auroville’s educational innovators

Trans4mance in Auroville, India:
An Integral Dialogue Circle of Poetry, Performance and Conversation

Together with Auroville Musicians, TRANS4M & Theatre of Transformation presented the Home for Humanity Vision – combining Integral Knowledge, enacted Integral Case Stories and transformative Poetry.



Photo: by Dr. Elif Tibet

With special thanks to our Web-Designer Moritz Besel,
who finalized this newsletter despite heavy injury.
We all wish him a quick recovery

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