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University of St. Gallen, Switzerland:
Pioneer in Holistic Management & Integrative Studies

The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland is one of Europe’s leading business universities “recognised globally as a place for thought leadership on current economic, business, and societal matters and for the development of talent able to integrate perspectives and act both entrepreneurially and responsibly.”


University of St Gallen SwitzerlandWith one of Trans4m’s co-founders (Alexander Schieffer) being a graduate of the University of St. Gallen, Trans4m’s integral approach to education and research is resonant with St. Gallen’s orientation towards holistic education. “Besides their core studies, all students must also attend lectures in other disciplines taught at the HSG, as well as courses in the field of Contextual Studies. With courses such as history, philosophy, business ethics, psychology and sociology, we intend to enable our students to expand their perspectives. This is beneficial for critical thinking, for dealing with complexity, as well as with cultural, social and ecological challenges.”

It was such an integrated approach to education that lead Alexander Schieffer pursuing his own studies at St. Gallen, as well as to enroll, in the mid 1990s, in a doctoral program at St. Gallen University, under the supervision of Prof. Walter Krieg (co-founder of the St Gallen Management Model – a holistic approach to management) and Prof. Martin Hilb, a leading expert on integrated approaches to leadership and human resources.

Twenty years later, two courses based on Trans4m’s Integral Worlds approach are currently taught at the University of St. Gallen: “International Development: Future Oriented Development Perspectives, in Theory and Practice” and “Integrated Self Development: On Becoming an Agent of Transformation”. Both courses engage students actively in transformative processes, enabling them to become engaged citizens based on holistic (self and society) development practices.

For both courses, Trans4m works together with supportive student initiatives in order to take Trans4m’s transformative teachings out of the classroom and into society.

Most of Trans4m’s Junior Fellows are coming from the University of St. Gallen. Having participated in one of the two courses offered by Trans4m, they are now actively participating within the Trans4m movement to effect change in and with one of our integral partner organisations.