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To all of Trans4m's friends, colleagues and partners from around the world: We invite you to celebrate with us the tenth birthday of the Trans4m movement, marked by the launch of our new Website that highlights what we have co-created together, locally and globally.

21. June 2016 / Summer Solstice

What started ten years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, as a Center for Integral Development, co-founded by Professors Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer, has gradually grown into a local-global movement for the integral renewal of people and planet.

Our new website "" aspires to be a virtual home and vibrant laboratory for the ever-expanding Trans4m Community.

The Trans4m local-global Movement sees its work as an integral contribution to address the enormous challenges that humanity and our planet are facing. Our ongoing journey shows that we can jointly give rise to new integral ways of being, becoming, knowing and doing. Indeed, we can  co-create local-global futures that are not only life-sustaining, but also beautiful and abundant expressions of the full human potential of each individual and of all our cultures and societies - in tune with all life on earth.

Focused on "catalysing integral transformation", we are now active on literally every continent: through our Trans4m Junior Fellows, Fellows, and Senior Fellows; through our Integral Partner Organisations and Partner Universities; through Integral Centers, Integral Society initiatives; and through our Global Wisdom Council.

Together with you we have developed a whole new integral knowledge base, under the umbrella of our Integral Worlds theory, including a wealth of publications. Jointly, we have laid the theoretical foundation for a holistic paradigm for individuals, organisations, communities and societies to co-create sustainable futures, drawing on the uniqueness of all of the world's cultures, and of each one of us. Hand in hand, we have relentlessly put theory into practice, reflected in a wide range of Integral Innovations to address the burning issues in societies of all continents - with new thinking and with new practice.

The way the Trans4m community continues to effect tangible impact at a local and global level is through transformative action-oriented research, as well as through directly engaging in dannyboy gay escort new york processes. Our Young Transformers Program is our latest "transformative vehicle" - enabling young change agents to make a difference, in cooperation with our partner organisations.

The Trans4m movement remains committed to our unfolding integral journey: with you, and for the world.

We take the opportunity of our tenth anniversary to thank each one of you for your collaboration, collegiality and co-creation over all these years! It is this spirit of co-creation that has carried us so far.

On behalf of the entire Trans4m community, we welcome you - as well as your friends and colleagues - to our new "virtual home".

With very warm wishes

Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Geneva, Switzerland · Hotonnes, France

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