Impact = Actualising Transformation

Community & Enterprise Transformation:
Enabling Integral Enterprises and Communities

Regularly, Trans4m consults in and accompanies enterprise and community transformation processes. Our interventions focus on catalysing long-term developmental journeys towards more holistic, integral organisational and community designs and processes, that include a deep engagement with the cultural and societal context in which the enterprise or community is rooted. The objective is always to enable organisations and communities to not only release more fully their own integral (social, cultural, creative, innovation, economic) potential but also to contribute more fully to the integral potential of their respective societies.

Our engagements spread many sectors and societies.


In all cases, Trans4m does not see itself in a classical (rather detached) consulting role, but rather as an engaged and active co-creator of new integral realties on the ground.


In the following we list a selected number of Trans4m’s enterprise and community transformation projects, as examples:


  • Virgin Money, UK: Towards an Integral Financial Services Provider, providing new meaning to banking in the UK and beyond
  • MedLabs, Jordan: Revitalisation of the Moral Core of the Enterprise and gradual Evolution of Medlabs towards an Integral Enterprise rooted in the Middle East
  • Deutsche Telekom, Germany: Development of White Paper for Deutsche Telekom to explore its potential to becoming an integral enterprise
  • Detecon International, Germany: Creation of Integral Consulting Services and the Design of a Center of Excellence for Integral Consulting within Detecon
  • Sekem Group, Egypt: Continuous development of Sekem’s integrated organisational model towards an integral enterprise, with a particular focus on human capacity development and integral project management. With Sekem, Trans4m has further been working on the design and process of a Social Innovation Center, serving as a center for organisational and societal renewal, as well as as a center of knowledge creation, with particular relevance for Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development
  • Liliesleaf Heritage Center, South Africa: Long-term engagement with one of South Africa’s foremost political heritage sites (Liliesleaf having served as the secret headquarters of the ANC during the Apartheid regime) in order to create an integral process of activating memory, cultural renewal, knowledge creation and engaged citizenship – fostering South Africa’s continuous journey toward socio-political and cultural reconciliation
  • World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland: Development of an integral “community awakening framework and process”, based on Trans4m’s work in Zimbabwe and other African countries, as a role model for community development to be employed globally by WCC.


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WHITE PAPER “INTEGRAL DEUTSCHE TELEKOM”  White Paper Deutsche Telekom by Trans4m