Culture = Renewing Self and Society

Integral Centers:
Local Catalysts for an Integral Society

Substantial growth of the Trans4m movement happens through local centers – grown out of many years of intense prior engagement on the ground. Such centers are key “building blocks” towards Integral Societies.

After many years of intense local engagement and “transformative seeding” by Trans4m in many different societies around the world, always in close cooperation with local agents of transformation, a number of integral centers have been emerging. They take the integral work institutionally on, on a local level – always in intense, interdependent working relationship with the lead centre in Geneva (Switzerland) and Hotonnes (France).

For the Trans4m movement, this is the path towards sustainable growth. Integral transformation processes have to be led locally, with global input acting in a catalytic role. Jointly we engage in (re)building integral knowledge authentic to the particular society in which each centre is lodged, jointly we engage in facilitating new integral practice on the ground.

Many of the centers have been grown out of our PhD Program, which is geared towards “institutionalising transformation”. Such centers are literally the “institutional fruits” that act as enablers to sustain the original transformative impulses that occurred via the PhD journey, and to then multiply such impulses locally.