Innovation = Regenerating Knowledge

Integral Innovations:
How we put Theory into Practice

Through “Integral Innovations” the Trans4m movement is illustrating how to apply the Integral Worlds approach to particular local contexts and burning issues. In each case, it is not about transferring an existing global model to a specific local environment, but rather to use the existing body of theory and applications to foster transformative processes, that themselves lead to an authentic integral solution and practice.

In recent decades, a large number of researcher-innovators have worked with our integral approach in order to address locally burning issues that their organisations, communities and societies are facing.

Here we showcase a number of the more current applications.

For faster orientation, we grouped them by continent, complementing the menu on the side:

A  F  R  I  C  A

A  S  I  A

M  I  D  D  L  E     E  A  S  T

S  O  U  T  H     A  M  E  R  I  C  A

E  U  R  O  P  E

W  O  R  L  D

In most cases the lead researcher-innovator was (or is) enrolled in our PhD Program for Integral Development, or does her or his Bachelor- or Masters Thesis with Trans4m. In each case, Integral Research was the guiding research framework, whereby researcher-innovators follow a trajectory from fundamental research to transformative action.

Most of the Integral Innovations showcased here, feature the following four dimensions, thereby also illustrating the collective nature of each of these Integral Innovations:

  • Calling
  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • Integral Innovation
  • Integral Impact