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The Empowerment of Women and Youth within the
Context of active Participation of Business Leadership
in Technology and Social Innovation
by Premie Naicker, Greenskills Consulting, South Africa

Premie Naicker, Founder of GreenSkills in Johannesburg, South Africa focuses on a holistic approach to enterprise-in-society, leading to the formation of a new social-enterprise-community development organisation, inclusive of women and youth.

Calling: Developing Culture, Spirituality and Nurturing in Business

The burning issue underlying this research-to-innovation is the lack of integral leadership and the disregard of culture and spirituality within communities and more specifically in business. Taking the one-sided approach from a north-western perspective and embedding the south-eastern perspective to create an integral holistic knowledge system will eventually lead us back to meaning and purpose.

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and rich heritage. Moving forward with a shared identity and common values will catalyze and uplift the spirit of the people and give us the ability to co-evolve in peace to lead us forward as a nation to build a new South Africa, both from an economic and political perspective.