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Our Approach: Integral Worlds

Integral Worlds is a pioneering approach for the holistic development of individuals, organisations, communities and societies

Trans4m’s Integral Worlds approach is a holistic approach to understanding and consciously evolving human systems. It serves to address imbalances – within an individual, organisation, community and or society, but also within specific fields, such as economics, enterprise, or human development.

Jointly developed by Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer over the past decades together with an ever-growing group of co-creators, the approach uniquely interlinks individual, organisational and societal development.

Grounded in extensive research into the most transformative theories and successful role models, and direct hands-on experience with partner organisations on the ground on all continents, Integral Worlds looks at the dynamic interconnectedness and wholeness of living systems. It is designed to effectively address imbalances that fragment and stifle life as well as to support the healthy actualisation of new evolutionary potential.

The Integral Worlds approach is simultaneously:

  • transcultural, encompassing the wisdom of the south, east, north and west; 
  • transdisciplinary, spanning the natural and social science and the humanities;
  • transpersonal, straddling individual and community, organisation and society; and
  • transformational, evolved out of original and particular local grounds towards integral global effect.

Integral Worlds serves as the core knowledge base for the Trans4m movement.

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Approach - Integral Development Model