Purpose = Catalysing Integral Transformation

Our Logo: Symbol for Our Shared Calling

Our logo symbolises transformative and integrative processes to release the full potential of “all that we can be”

Our name and logo is an invitation to engage in transformative processes towards wholeness, transcending damaging imbalances and destructive conflicts, and unleashing our full potential – on an individual and collective level. The number “4” is an ancient symbol for wholeness (within diversity) in many cultures – and points towards the four key dimensions in Trans4m’s integral model.

The circle, surrounding the 4, is a universal representation of unity to which we seek to contribute to the various levels of self to world – illustrated by the concentric circles around the 4.

The path to unity requires us to fully embrace and engage with the rich diversity within and among ourselves, within and among our societies. In conclusion, Trans4m stands for transformative and integrative processes to bring about “all that we can be” – to co-create a world of unity-in-diversity.