Impact = Actualising Transformation

Transformative Seminars & Keynotes:
Inspiration and Initiation into Integral Worlds

Trans4m has a reputation for inspirational, engaging and transformative appearances. Regularly we provide insights into our work through workshops, keynotes at conferences as well as seminars in universities, communities and enterprises.

Every conference we attend, every speech we deliver, every seminar we design is uniquely contextualised. True to our integral approach, we always seek to tap into the particular uniqueness of the places and cultures we work in.

In the following we provide few examples of more recent interventions of Trans4m from around the world:

  • Australia / Integral Enterprise: A Corporate Seminar with Sunland Group, Gold Coast, Australia. Sunland Group is one of the leading property developers of Australia with a profound commitment to “touching and enhancing people’s lives by building better communities”. Trans4m was invited to explore with Sunland’s leadership team and staff the potential that lies in its evolution to becoming an integral enterprise – within an Australian context.
  • Egypt / Social Innovation: Sekem Social Innovation Seminars: over the past years we have been leading a series of seminars on Social Innovation at Sekem and Heliopolis University, drawing thereby also deeply on ancient, more recent, and contemporary Egyptian culture
  • India / Integral Community Empowerment and Collective Knowledge Creation: Coro Grassroots Festival, India. Keynote on Integral Community Empowerment, commemorating Coro’s 25th anniversary
  • India / Integral Education: Keynote during public event on Integral Education for the Specially Abled on V.R. Purnatva, the integral educational model of S.P.J. Sadhana School, following a two day seminar with all teachers of S.P.J. Sadhana School on integral education, own uniquely drawing on India’s own integral roots
  • Jordan / Integral Economy: Keynote and seminar on the relevance of an Integral Economy for Jordan and the West-Asia-North-Africa Region at the WANA Forum
  • Jordan / Integral Women Empowerment: A Seminar with SheFighter, Jordan, the Middle Eastern’s Lead Hub for Women Self Defense. SheFighter is a pioneer in the Middle East, empowering women both physically and physiologically through Self-Defense Training. Among its key objectives are empowering women to defend and protect themselves from different kinds of violence, to increase awareness about the importance of saving women’s lives and to increase women self-esteem. Trans4m was invited to provide an “insight-seminar” into the potential of the integral approach for SheFighter – exploring in particular SheFighter’s further integration in and increased contribution to Jordanian and Middle Eastern society.
  • Nigeria / Transformative Research and Education: Seminar with Ibadan University (Institute for African Studies) on Transformative Education and Integral Research as key ingredients for a transformative Masters Program for Nigeria and Africa
  • South Africa / Integral University: Seminar with University of Johannesburg (Department for Industrial Psychology and People Management) on the role of an African University for the renewal of society and continent
  • Slovenia / Integral Economy and Society: Keynote Presentations and workshops at three consecutive International Integral Green Slovenia Conferences
  • Sri Lanka / Community Based University: Seminar with the leadership team of Sarvodaya on the design of a forthcoming Sarvodaya University
  • Switzerland / Integral Economics: Many lead presentations and seminars on Integral Economy and Enterprise at the annual Trust and Integrity for the Global Economy Conference, part of the Caux Initiatives of Change Activities
Switzerland / Integral Economics: Keynote at TIGE Trust and Integrity in a Global Economy Conference
Slovenia / Integral Economics: Keynote at Integral Green Slovenia Conference
Jordan / Integral Women Empowerment: Seminar with SheFighter
Egypt / Social Innovation: Workshop with Sekem Group