Community =  Co-Creating Ecosystems

Trans4m Senior Fellows:
Co-Driving the Trans4m Movement

Trans4m’s Senior Fellows are high level practitioners and scholars who embody the integral knowledge base and spirit of the Trans4m Movement and who are actively taking responsibility for catalysing integral transformation on a local level.

Each of the Trans4m Senior Fellows is locally driving at least one of the dimensions of our CARE process: Community Activation, Awakening Consciousness, Research-to-Innovation, Embodiment (via transformative Education and/or transformative Enterprise).

Usually that results in the set up or active contribution a local centre, that interdependently, in close cooperation with Trans4m’s original centre in Geneva and Hotonnes, drives integral transformation in its specific society.

Many of our senior fellows had previously been enrolled on our PhD Program on Integral Development, and made a conscious choice to continue to drive the integral agenda beyond their PhD.