Catalysing Integral Transformation: A Local-Global Movement for the Integral Renewal of People and Planet


How We Grow: Renewing Self and Society

Purposefully catalysing the rich creative, spiritual and cultural diversity, inherent in our individual selves and in our collective organisations, communities and societies, is central to Trans4m’s approach to the full release of our human potential. It is for this reason that our movement’s own growth is driven by a combination of a) enabling individual growth processes of agents of transformation, b) enhancing the development of organisations and communities with which they are associated, c) co-evolving integral centers that act as local agencies for societal renewal, as well as, at times, d) co-engaging with an entire society drawing on its unique cultural potential.

Catalysing large-scale transformation processes, we, as Trans4m, are equally concerned with personal and with societal transformation.

Inner growth, on a personal level, is a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development. Without the inner ability, trust, strength and commitment to actively face the evolutionary pressure of our time, there is simply no possibility to meaningful engage in the conscious renewal of societies.

Outer growth, on a collective level, requires us to understand and purposefully tap into the developmental and cultural potential of a society. Culture is thereby understood as a shared field of meaning and identity, which acts as the creative glue within a society, and forms the soil for healthy and continuous processes of renewal. Culture is not confined to the arts and creative expressions of a society, but it is there – in its humanities – where a culture can be best experienced. We therefore actively include in our work the arts, dance, music, poetry and stories and other such articulations, as well as the unique wisdom and spiritual expressions, that altogether bring out the inimitable “flavour” and “spirit” of a place and society. We are conscious that culture is often seen as a destructive life-denying source of division, conflict and aversion to evolution. In our direct experience, in countries around the world, culture is or can become once again a constructive and life-affirming source for unity, identity, belonging and growth.

Activating the life-affirming potential of culture … requires continuous evolutionary processes within and between cultures, spearheaded by local agents and agencies of transformation. Any organisation or community can become such an agency, if its development processes are sufficiently embedded within nature and culture – and if the active co-evolution with other cultures is facilitated. This, altogether, is a central emphasis in Trans4m’s work.

In short, Trans4m’s approach to Integral Development incorporates the level of self – and then connects this level with organisational and societal development – altogether geared to renew society.

We now illustrate what we concretely mean by:

Do also explore our Global Wisdom Council – comprised of a group of extraordinary personalities that embody inner and outer growth par excellence, each representing authentically a particular culture, while being fully engaged in the world at large. Our wisdom council accompanies our work on a local and global level.