Catalysing Integral Transformation: A Local-Global Movement for the Integral Renewal of People and Planet


Why We Exist: Catalysing Integral Transformation

Trans4m is a passionate enabler of individual and collective transformation processes. We address the burning issues of our time, releasing individual and collective genius. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and Hotonnes, France, the Trans4m movement works through its Fellows, Integral Centers and Partner Organisations literally on all continents. 

At its core, Trans4m is a catalyst of a new integral theory and practice, supporting individuals, organisations, communities and societies to engage in carefully designed transformative processes, in order to develop their full potential and to contribute, in a sustainable and life-affirming way, to the development of humanity.

Trans4m sees itself as an integral response to a “world on fire” – a world that is facing massive socio-ecological-economic-spiritual imbalances that altogether threaten the very existence of people and planet.

A local-global movement for integral development, Trans4m’s globally active Agents of Integral Transformation are committed to participate – together with their organisations and communities – in developing and applying holistic solutions for locally burning issues, in culturally and societally relevant and resonant ways.

Trans4m’s visionary, yet practical, Integral Worlds approach holds that each member of a social organism has a distinct task to contribute to the healthy evolution of the whole. This is equally relevant for the development of an individual, an organisation and a community. It is also pertinent for the world at large, where each society – with its unique culture and people – has a contributing role to play to humanity and planet.

Our passion is to support individuals, organisations, communities and societies to make their distinct integral contribution – and to be a transformative source and force for healing and integration – on a personal, collective and ultimately global level.