Catalysing Integral Transformation: A Local-Global Movement for the Integral Renewal of People and Planet


Who We Are: Co-Creative Ecosystems

The foundation of the Trans4m movement is its vibrant community of integral individual and institutional agents of transformation – passionately engaged in activating our particular selves, organisations, communities and societies to participate in the integral renewal of people and planet. Jointly, we are co-creating living innovation ecosystems – enabling sustainable, integral solutions to burning issues to be grounded locally, and to contribute globally.

Initially co-founded by Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer, we are not centered around one or a few leading personalities, but form a living local-global collective ecology that co-creatively gives birth to holistic development processes.

Nature is our starting point. Inspired by nature’s principles and by deep ecology, we conceive of integral development as co-evolutionary, interdependent, highly attuned processes, that require ecosystemic, supportive environments to flourish. It is on these principles that our key transformative processes – “CARE” and “GENE-ius” – are designed.

While the original center and home to our movement is located in urban and international Geneva/Switzerland & rural and local Hotonnes/France – our guiding idea is to grow organically via locally led integral developmental processes, centers and institutions that can themselves serve as enablers for integral development.

What unites us is the awareness that integral development requires the inner shift from an egocentric to an ecosystemic perspective. Hence, each one of us is following an inner calling, while equally serving an outer calling of his or her local community or organisation. Each one of us is driven to make a significant contribution, but each one is aware that sustainable contributions require in-depth collaboration. Each one of us is working transformatively in a particular context and culture, while each one of us is seeking to be relevant for the world at large.

It is for these reasons that we call Trans4m a local-global movement for the integral renewal of people and planet.

Our community consists of people of all walks of life – representing different age groups, cultures and professions. To get to know us further, choose: