Culture = Renewing Self and Society

Integral Societies:
Renewing Society, Contributing to the World

Building on individual transformation (Integral Self) and on organisational institutionalisation (Integral Center) we gradually work towards societal renewal (Integral Society). In each case, the particular cultural uniqueness of a society is at the heart of Trans4m’s approach to Integral Development. Culture, at its best, is a primary (re-)source for creativity and meaning, belonging and identity, development and renewal of a society. As societies and as humanity, as individuals and organisations, we grow, if we understand how to creatively access, nurture and evolve this (re-)source. This is a key aspect of our work.

In the past decades we had the opportunities to work on all continents, and in many societies.

Here we present a select number of societies that we have been engaged with more intimately.

In each society, we have been seeking to tap into the particular cultural gifts and capacities – in order to stimulate developmental processes, that would help local agents of transformation, together with the communities and organisations that they represent, to address in a culturally resonant way burning socio-cultural-economic issues, and to contribute to the release of their society’s “Gene-ius”.