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Driven by a deep concern for, on the one hand, the violent and contracted conflict between Israel and Palestine, and on the other hand the potential for co-creation Trans4m is currently exploring inroads of the integral approach into Palestinian society – and its potential to contribute to conflict resolution, peace building, and ultimately also social and economic development.

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There are probably not many places in the world, where it is more difficult to effect any meaningful change. And yet, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and so far missed opportunities for co-creation, is one of the world’s most critical, with multiple repercussions in the Arab World and beyond, that are indeed of global concern.

Based on our intense engagement in Jordan and Egypt, as well as, formerly, in Oman, as well as Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, we attempt to co-evolve our understanding of the region, applying it via an evolution of the integral approach as a means of conflict resolution and peace building, and ultimately integral development.

Trans4m is fortunate to be guided by one of the foremost Palestinian personalities, Mrs. Zahira Kamal. Having served as first minister for women affairs in the Palestinian cabinet, and currently chairing (as the first woman ever chairing a political party in Palestine) the, democratic party FIDA – she enjoys wide respect nationally and internationally for her peaceful, inclusive, dialogical and highly engaged style of leadership and society-building.

Together with Mrs. Kamal, we have engaged with a number of citizens’ initiatives on the ground, in particular with youth organisations that are committed to positive change.

Keen to identify educational institutions that are purposefully activating the cultural potential of Palestine, with a view to educating agents of transformation, we met with faculty and students of the Dar Al Khalima arts school in Bethlehem. This unique university college explores through transformative curricula how the arts can indeed be instrumental in providing new perspectives for a positive future. Its founder, Dr. Mitri Raheb, believes that it is crucial for Palestinians not to give up their birthright to build their society, even if their homeland is under occupation.

Integral Workshop at the Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy in Ramallah
Integral Workshop at the Palestinian
Centre for Peace and Democracy in Ramallah (2016)

Latest Event:
April 2017: Care-ing for Palestine Workshop in Ramallah with Palestinian Youth Organization SHAREK