Community =  Co-Creating Ecosystems

Trans4m Fellows: Actively Driving
Local-Global Transformation Processes

Trans4m’s Fellows simultaneously engage in self-organisation-society transformation processes, to sustainably root integral knowledge and practice in their respective societal and cultural grounds.

Trans4m Fellows shift realities. Through their transformative research-to-innovation each one of them follows his or her personal calling, linked to a burning issue in society – aspiring to make a tangible contribution to new integral theory, applied to new integral practice. The objective, in all cases, is to develop locally relevant theory and to apply it in order to address the burning issues at hand.

All of them are hence actively co-creators of a locally and globally growing integral knowledge base and integral practice. Most of them are enrolled in the Trans4m-Da-Vinci PhD program for Integral Development – a program which is oriented towards CARE-ing for Society.

While in this section each Trans4m Fellow personally introduces his- or herself, you will find the Integral Innovation profile of each under Integral Innovations.