Innovation = Regenerating Knowledge

The Transformation and Innovation Book Series

This internationally acclaimed book series by Routledge (Gower), co-edited by Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer, that introduces the multiple applications of Trans4m’s Integral Worlds approach, presents a unique combination of new theories and practice, and draws on the richness of the world’s diverse cultures.

The world’s economic and socio-political landscape has changed dramatically and created a now-or-never momentum for transformation and innovation. “Business as usual” no longer works. The time has come to fundamentally rethink enterprise, economics and development.

The Transformation and Innovation Series, publisher by Routledge (Gower) with contributions by leading thinkers-and-doers from diverse cultures across the globe, combines theory and practice, informing both decision makers and scholars.

It provides cutting-edge, viable approaches to the unprecedented challenges faced by business leaders, management consultants, economic policy makers and development agents.

The pioneering Integral Worlds  approach, developed by Lessem and Schieffer, provides a unique and coherent orientation to the wide-ranging volumes in the series. This approach combines individual, organisational and socio-economic development. Drawing on the particularities of each and every culture, it enhances local identity while contributing to global integrity.

It activates the potential for a holistic realignment of enterprise and economics with other major dimensions of society, such as nature and community; culture and spirituality; as well as science, systems and technology.