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Integral Dynamics: Political Economy,
Cultural Dynamics and the Future of the University

by Ronnie Lessem (UK), Alexander Schieffer (France), Junie Tong (China) & Sam Rima (USA)

With Integral Dynamics, Lessem, Schieffer, Tong and Rima set out a programme for a new integral, transcultural and transdisciplinary area of study, including, but extending beyond, economics and enterprise. This is a text for our trans-modern age.

Integral Dynamics Book CoverThe theory of Integral Dynamics is based on the view that the development of individual leaders or entrepreneurs requires the simultaneous development of institutions and societies. It seeks a specific way forward for each society, fundamentally different from, but drawing on, its past.

Nearly every natural science has been transformed from an analytically-based approach to a dynamic one: now it is time for society and culture to follow suit locally and globally. Each culture, discipline and person is incomplete and is in need of others in order to develop and evolve.

This book sets out a curriculum for a new integral, trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary area of study, inclusive of, but extending beyond, economics and enterprise. It embraces a trans-personal perspective, linking self with community, enterprise and society, and focusing on the vital relationship between local identity and global integrity. For the government policy maker, the enlightened business practitioner, and the student and researcher into economics and enterprise, the new discipline is set out here in complete detail by a multi-national team of four Transformation and Innovation Series authors.

Illuminated with examples relating the conceptual to the practical, this is a text, not for a pre-modern, modern, or even post-modern era, but for what has been called our trans-modern age.

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