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Integral Ubuntu Leadership

by Passmore Matupire (Zimbabwe)

Passmore Matupire has written a book on leadership from a Southern African Ubuntu – “I am because you are” – perspective. The book supports a potential “ubuntu leader”, whereby leadership is grounded locally, evolves locally-globally, navigates globally, and effects transformation globally-locally.

matupire-passmore-book-cover-integral-ubuntu-leadershipThe four worlds as we know them today, the North, West, South and East are out of balance. The West and the North generally dominate on a global scale while the South and the East lag behind. This also happens at individual, societal and organisational levels. It is clear that there is a need to change the way we lead our organisations in business and the way we think about leading in politics.

Here is a comprehensive exploration of the integral leadership challenges of the twenty first century. The author combines the African philosophy of Ubuntu or Humanness, the cornerstone to African thought and life, with the concept of Integral Leadership, with particular reference to Lessem and Schieffer’s combining of Nature and Community, Culture and Spirituality, Science and Technology, and Politics and Economics. This connectedness in the new paradigm of wholeness and relatedness goes beyond relationships of human beings alone and involves experiences with nature and community.

Leadership is viewed from an indigenous and exogenous perspective, bringing together a newly integral approach, which will also introduce industry ecology and knowledge ecology as an evolution of the Ubuntu philosophy.

The author offers a unique forum to commit to paper the operationalization of the Integral Ubuntu Leadership model in catalysing development efforts in communities and societies.

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