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Integral Polity:
Integrating Nature, Culture, Society and Economy

by Ronnie Lessem (UK / Zimbabwe), Ibrahim Abouleish (Egypt), and Louis Herman (South Africa / USA)

This book is a unique partnership between seminal thinkers in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and America, also incorporating Asia. Between them they uncover and co-evolve a new form of integral polity that draws on the body, mind, spirit and soul of each part of the world, in the process aligning nature, culture, society and economy.

Integral Polity Book CoverReleasing the genius of an individual, an enterprise and a society is a central pre-occupation of the contemporary business environment. A fascinating approach to how we can begin to tackle this challenge is presented by the authors of Integral Polity.

Integral spirituality, integral philosophy and the integral age, at an overall or holistic level of consciousness, has therefore become a strong enough idea to form the genesis of a movement over the course of the last half century.

Taking as a starting point the ground-breaking work of the Trans4m Centre for Integral Development this book applies such an ’integral’ notion to the realms of business, economics and enterprise. To be successful, an integral approach must recognise the nuances of its environment – an integral approach in India is different from that in Indonesia, or Iceland, and they may in fact complement rather than conflict.

Therefore this book also provides a fascinating alignment of such ’integrality’ with, and between different ’southern’ and ’eastern’, ’northern’ and ’western’ worlds. Using case studies ranging across the globe this review of a newly integral theory and practice provides a new lease of life to what may increasingly be perceived as the self-seeking, insulated and occasionally violent and corrupt, realm of the political.

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