Community = Co-Creating Ecosystems

Trans4m Junior Fellows:
In the Frontline of Change

Trans4m Junior Fellows are highly committed, young agents of transformation working locally with our partner organisations around the world to bring about integral transformation.

In the past years, we have been actively experimenting with new ways to activate the transformative potential that lies in many young people. We are now able to demonstrate through our Young Transformers Program how, for example, Bachelor and Masters Theses can be transformed into vehicles for social change.  Trans4m Junior Fellows join one of our Integral Partner Organisations around the world for a period of four to six months, during which they align their personal calling for making a contribution with a concrete transformative challenge that a Partner Organisation is facing.

In each case, they actively employ and evolve Trans4m’s integral approach with a view to co-creating, with a local innovation team, an integral solution to a burning issue on the ground – in theory and in practice. In their work they are supported by the larger Trans4m community on the one hand, and by the local Partner Organisation on the other hand – whereby they are operating within an “innovation ecology” that has been built up over many years. Furthermore. our Junior Fellows are also strongly connected with each other, and have formed, across the world, a mutual co-mentoring field. Together, they are working on cutting-edge transformation issues  – from a holistic approach to schooling and education in Paraguay  to community empowerment in Nigeria and India, from integral project management in Egypt to rural development in Brazil. Jointly, they advocate change in today’s educational system – making it more relevant for our time, and turning it into a true catalyst for sustainable futures. They themselves pave the way …