Catalysing Integral Transformation: A Local-Global Movement for the Integral Renewal of People and Planet


What We Do: Actualising Transformation

Based on its Integral Worlds approach, Trans4m has developed a highly effective set of products and processes. The three main areas are: Transformative Research via a cutting edge PhD Program for Integral Development for practitioner-innovators and their organisations and communities; Transformative Education enabling Integral Agents of Transformation; and Community- and Enterprise Transformation, where we facilitate large-scale institutional and communal change processes towards integral perspectives. Furthermore, we have launched a Young Transformers Program, enabling up- and forthcoming integral developers to make a tangible contribution to one of our partner organisations around the world. That is how we collectively make an Impact. In addition, Trans4m offers Transformative Seminars and inspiring Keynotes, as “inspirations” and “initiations” into the more long-term development processes, which are at the heart of our work.

Each of Trans4m’s offerings is unique …. for the very fact that each is uniquely adapted to the context in which it is delivered.

In each case we draw on relevant parts of our Integral Worlds approach – also with a view to “release GENE-ius” and to CARE for individual, organisational and societal development.

Here is an overview on what we do. Each offering can then be explored in more detail, as you navigate through this section.

Overview of Our “Integral Impact” Offerings:

Transformative Research: We offer a cutting-edge PhD Program on Integral Development, together with South Africa’s Da Vinci Institute – open to a small group of highly motivated and capable Agents of Transformation who seek to become major change makers in their societies, by engaging the institutions and communities in which they are embedded. Check out our PhD Program!

Transformative Education: Trans4m delivers “out of the box” courses on, for example, Integral Development and Integrated Self Development (On Becoming an Agent of Transformation). We do so currently at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and did so with many other universities around the world, from the US to Jordan, from South Africa to Egypt. Explore further!

Community and Enterprise Transformation: Accompanying a particular community or enterprise on its developmental journey towards an integral organisation or community – as we do, for example, with UK’s Virgin Money, Jordan’s Medlabs Group or Egypt’s Sekem Group – in a catalytic, co-evolutionary spirit, and with profound understanding of the respective cultural societal context is another important offering of Trans4m. Look here for more!

Young Transformers Program: A growing interest of young people in our work, made us develop a Young Transformers Program. It currently works primarily with bachelor and masters students from the University of St. Gallen, enabling them to make significant contributions to locally burning issues, from India to Sri Lanka, from Paraguay to Brazil, from Egypt to Nigeria. We see this as an exciting pilot program to demonstrate the enormous transformative potential of young agents of transformation, if catalytic educational input, a conducive research-to-innovation environment and a practical application context is co-created. Check it out!

Transformative Seminars and Keynotes: Regularly we share our work through short seminars or keynotes – to provide insights, inspiration and stimulation for concerned citizens around the world. Look here for examples!