Purpose = Catalysing Integral Transformation

Our Story: Trans4m in Brief

Trans4m is a local-global movement driving integral transformation processes to address today’s burning issues by actualising positive impact via new integral thinking and action 

Co-founded in 2006 by Professor Ronnie Lessem and Professor Alexander Schieffer, and headquartered in the French Countryside as well as in neighboring Geneva, Switzerland, Trans4m has grown from a Center for Integral Development into a local-global movement of integral transformation agents holistically impacting their societies on critical issues.

From economic revitalization to corporate social responsibility; from community development to violence against women; from food security to disaster management; from organizational knowledge creation to indigenous healing systems, from educational transformation to transformative education – Trans4m is dealing with many of today’s burning issues.

Trans4m operates through cutting edge programs and processes that generate culturally relevant responses to critical issues on the ground – always led by local transformation agents. Our engagements are spread across Africa (from South Africa to Zimbabwe to Nigeria), in the Middle East (Egypt and Jordan), in Asia (India and Sri Lanka), Europe (Switzerland, Germany, UK, Slovenia), South America (Brazil, Paraguay) and the USA.

At the heart of Trans4m’s work is its Integral Worlds approach – a highly innovative, culturally adaptable framework and process for individual, organisational and societal transformation. Its main purpose is to co-develop and practically implement locally authentic, integral solutions with a view to restoring balance and releasing genius, thereby co-creating local-global role models for sustainable (integral) development.

Examples for Trans4m’s engagements are: developing and teaching transformative educational programs for Transformation Agents, e.g. at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and the Meridian University, USA; designing and delivering a Global PhD Program on Integral Development, accredited by Da Vinci University, South Africa; framing an integral university structure and transformative educational curricula for Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, Egypt; supporting communities and organisations in transformative processes, such as Virgin Money, UK; MedLabs, Jordan; Deutsche Telekom, Germany; working with an entire society to co-create new, viable socio-economic models, such as Slovenia and Zimbabwe.

As Trans4m’s work and impact spreads ever further around the world, we sustain our growth through a closely-knit co-creative network of junior fellows, fellows, senior fellows, local centers,  integral partner organisations and partner universities– jointly pursuing the course to create and nurture conditions for a healthy and equitable, life-affirming and joyous development of our individual and collective human potential. Integrally!