Impact = Actualising Transformation

Transformative Education:
A Force for Personal and Collective Liberation

Trans4m is at the forefront of redefining education. Our objective is to integrally enable students to get in touch with their full individual potential in order to become co-creators of tangible collective contributions to society. To achieve that, we reconfigure education to be simultaneously transdisciplinary, transcultural, transpersonal and transformational.
Education, for us, needs to be at the same time centred around the inner developmental calling of individuals and the burning developmental issues our societies are facing. Thereby, the transformative potential of individuals can be released and aligned with the developmental needs with organizations, communities and societies. The ultimate objective of education, we argue, is the holistic development of people and planet.

Moving towards that objective, a paradigm shift in education is required. Building on our Integral Worlds approach we have designed educational journeys that interconnect the development of self, organisation, community and society, and that are of transdiscipinary, transcultural, transpersonal and transformational character. Seeking to make contributions to individual lives and collective development impulses in a locally relevant manner, we continuously break down the artificial borders between university and society.

In the past we have cooperated with many transformatively oriented universities from around the world, such as, for example, Buckingham University and Liverpool’s Hope University in the UK, Luxembourg University, University of Johannesburg in South Africa, Ibadan University in Nigeria, Bethel University and Meridian University in the USA, Heliopolis University in Egypt, and St. Gallen University in Switzerland.

To demonstrate the transformative nature of our educational work, we introduce a couple of examples of recent integral development courses, the first two on a Bachelor Level (with the University of St. Gallen), the third one on a PhD level (with Meridian University):


WATCH: Inaugural Lecture of Prof. Alexander Schieffer on INTEGRAL EDUCATION (at Da Vinci Institute, South Africa / September 2016)

Recommended: Watch the following inspiring video of Trans4m Junior Fellow Maxime Bertocchi, providing an example of the transformative power of Trans4m’s approach to education.