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University of St. Gallen:
Transformation Agent Course

A Course for emerging Agents of Transformation, who understand the need for self knowledge and inner development as a crucial prerequisite for effective, holistic and sustainable change processes in society

University of St Gallen Switzerland

While the Integral Development course is, relatively, more outward oriented, working directly with burning issues on the ground, this course on Integrated Self Development aspires to enable future leaders to get in touch with their inner developmental potential and their personal motivation and calling to effect change in society.

Participants are introduced to key concepts and practices of self-development as a crucial prerequisite to effect personal, organisational and socio-economic transformation in a world in transition.

Working individually and in small groups, students combine theory and action, and learn-by-doing-and-being. The course focuses simultaneously on the acquisition of relevant knowledge, deep insights, as well as practical, personal and interpersonal developmental skills. It also awakens creativity and heightens cultural sensitivity.

The course is designed as a “development journey”, taking participants, step by step, through the interconnected levels of self development. Throughout the course, students are exposed to real-life case stories from diverse cultures from around the world, to purposefully draw cultural and societal particularities to integrated self development. Engaging with both, cutting edge theory and impressive practical examples, participants are enabled to make meaningful learning transfers to their own personal development path, and envision their own future contribution as transformation agents in their respective societies or in the diverse societies their careers and personal choices lead them to.

Agents of Transformation Course 2016
Agents of Transformation Course 2015
Agents of Transformation Course: Closing Round at "Home for Humanity"
Agents of Transformation Course 2015:
Closing Round at “Home for Humanity”

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