Impact = Actualising Transformation

Young Transformers:
The Trans4m Junior Fellowship Program

The spirit of the Trans4m Junior Fellowship Program is to enable “committed young agents of transformation” to contribute to the necessary paradigmatic shift in human development on a global scale – towards more integrated and sustainable ways of being, becoming, knowing and doing. Junior Fellows work together with Trans4m and its partner organisations – in a local global innovation ecology, through which “real impact” can be achieved.

Objective of Trans4m’s Junior Fellowship Program

The objective of the Junior Fellowship is to provide dedicated young leaders with an opportunity to participate in and contribute to cutting-edge integral development projects, processes and organisations – with a view to make an impact and to develop one’s skills as an agent of transformation thereby also  contributing to the renewal of university education.

Together, Junior Fellows co-create ever more local-global showcases illustrating, how the Integral Worlds approach can make a fundamental contribution in awakening humanity to an inclusive, holistic paradigm – whereby nature and community, culture and consciousness, science and technology, enterprise and economics are equally included in the balanced development of people and planet.

Working with the integral approach is at the same time a personal and a societal commitment. On a personal level, Junior Fellows strive to explore the relevance of the integral approach to their own life, engaging actively in their personal transformative journeys. On a societal level, Junior Fellows work with and through concrete organisations and communities and contributing to the development of new integral knowledge and practice on the ground. Junior Fellows join the program with a long-term perspective and an attitude of mutuality – receiving from and giving back to the integral community.

The Fellowship usually spans a period of two years. It can be extended, based on invitation, based on the long-term interest and commitment of the Fellow to the integral Trans4m Community.

Inspiring examples of achievements of our Junior Fellows can be found here.

Focus on Committed Agents of Transformation

The Trans4m Junior Fellowship invites selected highly motivated young Transformation Agents, who seek to align their Bachelor or Masters Thesis with addressing – in theory and in practice – a major imbalance in an organisation, community and/or society. Junior Fellows are “embedded” in one of Trans4m’s global partner organisations, supporting them in their own evolution towards more holistic, sustainable approaches with the help of the Integral Worlds approach. Trans4m Junior Fellows would build actively on the Integral Worlds knowledge base with a view to apply and sensitively assimilate it to the particular context with which they work.


  • are between 20 and 35 years old
  • feel passionately about their personal (inner and outer) development and driven to make a contribution to the holistic development of people and planet, in a culturally sensitive way
  • are generally familiar with the Integral Worlds approach and committed to use it as the foundation for his/her own research-to-innovation
  • are eager to be part of a global transformative movement, and to participate in the co-creation of a growing integral knowledge and practice base by collaborating with others individually and institutionally

Benefits for which the Junior Fellowship provides CARE

  • C = Community: Junior Fellows gain full access to Trans4m’s local-global network, including to other Junior Fellows
  • A = Awakening personal and local Potentials: Junior Fellows receive opportunity to work within an inspiring partner organisation, with a view to engage in personal transformative processes and to make an active contribution to a local context
  • R = Research-to-Innovation: Junior Fellows will be actively supported in their research-to-innovation processes
  • E = Educational Transformation: Junior Fellows fully participate in the integral transformation of university education (and enterprises) in accordance with their personal calling


  • Dedication to the partner organisation, eager to make a tangible contribution on the ground, and to further evolving the Integral Worlds knowledge base
  • Striving to strengthen and further develop the long-term partnership with the partner-organisation
  • Actively participating in the wider Trans4m network, also by feeding back one’s integral thoughts and actions into the global network – that includes also taking on a mentorship role for at least one subsequent Fellow, supporting the Fellow in making his/her own unique contribution.
  • All responsibilities are articulated in the spirit of strengthening the integral transformative movement, via one’s own gifts and strengths, in a sustainable way



Then write us an inspiring motivational letter, expressing your “calling”


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