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Transformative Research:
A Uniquely Transformative PhD Program Enabling Lasting Impact

Trans4m offers, in partnership with Da Vinci Institute in South Africa, a cutting-edge innovation-driven action research based PhD program and process, designed to bring about Integral Development of self, organisation, community and society. This program is subtitled “CARE 4 YOUR SOCIETY”, and has proven to be a powerful vehicle for widespread transformation processes. While the individual participant is faced with all the academic challenges of a highly professional PhD program, s/he is also required to engage in a collective PHD (Process of Holistic Development) process, through which all aspects of Trans4m’s integral CARE process are brought about – in order to ensure tangible and sustainable transformative impact on the ground. At the end of a successful research-to-innovation journey, the participant confirms his or her academic excellence in a PhD VIVA and his wide-spread community impact in a CARE presentation, in which s/he is joined by the impacted enterprise and/or community. This program is an expression on how Trans4m drives profound change processes with lasting impact.

The Trans4m Da Vinci PhD / PHD Program in a Nutshell

Our three-year part time PhD individual program and collective process for prospective integral developers, and their associated communities and/or institutions, is a joint offering of South Africa based Da Vinci Institute – originally co-evolved with Nelson Mandela for the new South Africa – and Trans4m. South Africa’s developmental Higher Education Authority accredits the program.

Participants in this highly transformative PhD program engage in the renewal of their societies through the co-creation of new integral theory and practice. In each case, a burning issue on the ground is addressed in a holistic manner.

The program builds upon Trans4m’s pioneering approach to integral development, interlinking all realms of a living human system: nature & community; culture & spirituality; science, systems & technology; as well as enterprise and economics; altogether underpinned by an integral polity.

Transforming the notion of a conventionally individual based PhD, this program engages the participant in a dual rhythm towards Integral Development. On the one hand s/he follows a “4C”-trajectory – including Call, Context, Co-Creation and Contribution. On the other hand, this trajectory is accompanied by an institutionalizing one, geared towards sustaining and evolving the original contribution. In this second “CARE”-rhythm participants engage subsequently in Community activation; Awakening individual and collective consciousness, Research-to-Innovation, and Embodying transformation via Transformative Education and Enterprise/Community Transformation.

Thereby, the PhD is a transformative vehicle to creatively “CARE 4 YOUR SOCIETY“.

The research-to-innovation journey culminates in a PhD Viva, during which the participant demonstrates academic excellence and the creation of new, relevant theory in relation to the burning issue. The PhD Viva is accompanied by a PHD (Process for Holistic Development) presentation, on-site, during which the participant, together with the impacted community and/or enterprise needs to illustrate the co-creation of newly integral theory and practice along all four CARE dimensions.

For examples of achievements of current and past participants of our PhD program please check our “Integral Innovations

Target Audience: Addressing “Integral Developers” from all Worlds

This program seeks to attract dedicated individuals-in-communities who have already illustrated their commitment to caring for their society. Current participants represent organisations/communities of local and/or global standing in terms of their developmental achievements. The program fosters a maximum of cross-pollination and co-evolution between all participants, their particular communities, organisations and societies. All participants will thereby also be contributing to a new integral knowledge and practice base – embodied also in the growing group of Integral Centers around the world.

The program is designed to incorporate a multi-sector, multi-cultural constituency, inviting participants from the private, public, civic and environmental sectors to purposefully draw on the shared knowledge and creativity of all cultures to adequately meet the social, cultural and economic needs of their organizations and communities.

Through modular courses and distinctive processes of co-evolution, participants will be both hosted in – and connected to – diverse cultural contexts and existing Integral Development Centers (from Africa to the Middle East, to Europe).

True to our approach, we thereby draw on the best that all worlds have to offer.

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Here is a video interview explaining how Trans4m’s has evolved conventional PhD Supervision into a catalytic tool supporting Knowledge Creation and Social Innovation.

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Jean Parker, India/USA: delivering an inspiring speech on the Trans4m Da Vinci Program


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