Video Interviews released with Trans4m’s Lessem and Schieffer on Research and Education in Africa

Reputed Nigerian documentary filmmaker Pedro Okojii conducted these interviews with Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer to explore how Trans4m’s approach to research and education is making a difference to Nigeria and Africa.The interviews were conducted in Ewu, Edo State, in Nigeria in June 2016 on the occasion of the PhD Viva of Trans4m Fellow Father Anselm Adodo. In the two interviews, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer illustrate how Trans4m’s PhD program, in partnership with South African Da Vinci Institute, works and how participants manage to achieve high level impact on the ground – Father Anselm Adodo’s impressive research-to-innovation on Integral Healing and Communitalism being one of the latest examples.

Both, Lessem and Schieffer, argue for the need for African educational and research programs to be authentically rooted in African culture, in order to stimulate locally relevant knowledge creation processes and solutions for Africa’s burning issues.

Trans4m is grateful to Pedro Okoji and his team of Don Pedro Media for producing these interviews and allowing us to make them available.

Both videos can be found on Trans4m’s YouTube Channel, as well as under the following direct links:

Interview Ronnie Lessem:

Interview Alexander Schieffer: