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Da Vinci Institute in South Africa:
Inspired by Mandela, Focused on Action Learning

The Da Vinci Institute has established itself as a leader in South Africa in the provision of learning development programmes. Da Vinci and Trans4m jointly offer one of the most transformative PhD programs of our time.


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The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management is a School of Managerial Leadership contributing towards socio-economic development and transformation. The Institute’s purpose is to cultivate managerial leaders through the core principles of business driven action learning by offering students a personalised journey of self-discovery and co-creation.

Being a Mode 2 educational institution, The Institute is focused on the creation of knowledge that is trans-disciplinary in nature, socially relevant and of which the intent is to solve work-based problems and to contribute towards the professional development of the people involved. It is in this context that The Institute facilitates a journey of self-discovery for prospective business leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Institute derives its passion from developing entrepreneurs and future managerial leaders who will contribute towards the facilitation of a sustainable and socio-economic transformed society. The Institute offers a spectrum of learning solutions including aspects related to, amongst other, entrepreneurship, innovation management, systems thinking and managerial leadership. Students are able to participate in small classes, affording them the opportunity to reflect on their own learning and to integrate such with that of people who represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds and organisational realities.

The Institute which is situated in the serene and peaceful suburb of Modderfontein, offers Higher Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate programmes in the Management of Technology, Innovation, People, Systems (TIPS™) and Business Management(B).

By integrating the TIPS™ (B) framework, The Institute is able to engage, align and become agile in co-creating new workplace realities with students and sponsors. The framework enables The Institute to offer a truly tailored service to meet its client’s ever changing organisational performance needs.

The Institute is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act 1997, registration no. 2004/ HE07/003. The Institute’s qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and recorded with the South African Qualifications Authority.

In 2008, Trans4m and Da Vinci began intensive cooperation. Besides a number of Trans4m workshops at Da Vinci, and a series of European Immersions for Da Vinci students, led by Trans4m, the main focus of cooperation is our shared PhD Program on Integral Development.

Furthermore, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer have also been officially appointed as “Professors” with Da Vinci.

Da Vinci - With one of our PhD Groups during a Module at Da Vinci in South Africa
At Da Vinci in South Africa with one of our PhD Groups in May 2015
DA VINCI Graduation- with Liz Mamukwa & Passmore Matupire & Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer
Graduation Time: here with Trans4m Senior Fellows Elizabeth Mamukwa & Passmore Matupire at their PhD Graduation in South Africa