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Heliopolis University in Egypt:
The First Middle Eastern University with a full Focus on Sustainable Development

Heliopolis University regards itself as a pioneer scientific establishment that strives for the sustainable development of individual consciousness, economic solidarity, social justice, and environmental balance in Egypt and the world.


Heliopolis University LogoAt Heliopolis University, students are empowered to be the champions of sustainable development in different spheres of life. Its education combines teaching, research, and practice with a uniquely humanistic core program, developing curious and creative minds.

Trans4m has been participating in the conception and design of Heliopolis University since a very early stage, many years before it actually opened its doors in 2009. Informed and inspired by Sekem’s integral enterprise approach, we provided support in developing an integral university design and curricula, in particular in relation to the humanistic core program of Sekem and the curricula for the Business & Economics faculty.

Based on Trans4m’s integral approach, both core and specialist programs were developed according to the four Cs of Sustainable Development.

  • Engaging in Context
  • Raising Consciousness
  • Assimilating Content
  • Making a Contribution

Over the past years, Trans4m has held numerous workshops at Heliopolis University – in particular with a view to strategy and faculty development for the university as a whole as well as educational workshops with business and economics students.

Heliopolis University 4 C Design
Heliopolis University: Following an Integral 4 C Design