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Maxime Bertocchi:
In Search of Holistic Education

“I dream of a world where everyone can realize his/her full potential enabled by more holistic and transformative forms of education.”

Maxime Bertocchi - Trans4m Junior Fellow

I am a student of Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and dream of a world where everyone can realize his/her full potential enabled by more holistic and transformative forms of education. This passion arose from a deep curiosity for other cultures and worldviews and a profound feeling that mainstream education was disconnected from our world’s most burning issues.

After graduating from high-school, I volunteered in a primary school of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where I taught English to two classes of 60 children in an interactive manner. This deeply transformative experience activated my profound interest for new educational practices, echoing with local community and culture, indigenous traditions and nature.

Along my university curriculum, I have been confronted with a very theoretical North-Western-oriented approach to education, reflecting the predominant understanding of global development driven by economic growth while neglecting the richness of local cultural, spiritual and creative potential. However, I also had the chance to witness different perspectives along my educational journeys in Africa, South America and Asia, which helped me to perceive the world more integrally.

Equally passionate about education as a co-creative process that resonates with local and cultural realities and burning issues, Trans4m is engaged on a local-global scale with individuals and organizations around the world. As a pioneer in the field of ransformative education, its integral approach and research-to-innovation naturally matched my burning desire to contribute to an alternative form of education.

In 2016, I enrolled as a Junior Fellow of Trans4m and spent six months working cross-culturally with key members and partner organizations of Trans4m’s local-global movement. I thereby transformed my Bachelor Thesis (“Renewing Education: Trans4m’s Integral Junior Fellowship as a Tool for Individual, Organizational and Societal Impact”) into an educational tool for transformative impact, which allowed me to fully contribute to Trans4m’s long-term sustainability.

Part of my contribution was the making of a VIDEO, featuring Trans4m’s Integral Development Course and its transformative educational process, in partnership with integral case organisations from around the world. Click here to watch!

Graduation Day: 1 October 2016! Celebration at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, with my partner Faten and my Family
Working with school children in Tanzania changed my life – it opened my eyes for new ways of education.
As a Junior Fellow I participated in the Integral Development 2016 course, documenting and evolving the ways in which course participants were working with real life cases around the world.