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Christophe Haesler:
Pursuing Inner Peace

We can change the world if we change ourselves. We just need to get hold of the old patterns of thinking and dealing with things and start listening to our inner voices and trusting our own superpowers.”

I was fortunate to be able to attend a camp in June 2015, when I was just 18 years old. This was organized by the association ManKind Project (MKP) and has changed me forever. I have been completely transformed in 2 days and have since been on a path of self-discovery and seeking a deeper and true connection with other people. These experiences always leave strong impressions on me and I always learn a lot about myself and about the people in general.

In June 2015, I was also confronted with the word mission for the first time. My mission is to help create a true and peaceful world by being authentic and true to myself and others. This mission is a common thread in my everyday life and I always try to direct my actions accordingly. Truth and authenticity are two very important values for me that I try to integrate into my life. In fact, I have long noticed that communication between people is very often no longer true, i.e. that one has more and more trouble identifying emotions and sharing them with friends and family. But if we do not know which emotions exist in us then we cannot identify them as soon as we feel them. As a result, we try to hide those feelings. For example, when we feel grief or anger. This, in my opinion, has its origins in the fact that we are all very separate from ourselves. I want to try to reunite people with themselves and thus enhance the quality of life of each other.

When I began my undergraduate studies at the University of St-Gallen 3 years ago, I was very enthusiastic about being able to pursue my journey towards inner peace. However, I felt rapidly disillusioned by the very much standardized teaching style of Western Universities, where it is more about learning by heart then reflecting critically on the world’s most burning issues and human practices.

Luckily however, I could attend in Autumn 2016 a very special university course offered by Alexander Schieffer and I was then introduced to the Integral Development approach developed by Trans4m. After two days of an intensive seminar, I could feel how I could again connect to my purpose in life and my inner self. I felt I could learn a lot more. Since then, I always wanted to contribute more to Trans4m and be able to connect my studies and my mission in life. That led to a memorable exchange semester in Montevideo, Uruguay and an introduction to a much more holistic education, where natural, cultural and spiritual aspects were taken into account besides the economical aspects. From then on, I felt much more drilled and motivated to learn this way and therefore I decided to write my bachelor thesis on a topic that could on the one side have a greater impact in our society and on the other side foster my inner journey and connected to my mission.

With Trans4m I want to help creating a more integral and peaceful world, where every individual can be authentic to himself and others. After my initial enrolment, my journey as a Trans4m Junior Fellow has just begun and I am looking forward to discover where it will lead me.