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Premie Naicker: Making a Difference to Women and
Youth through the Use of Technology and Innovation

“Every time transformation happens it reveals a new horizon, a horizon of convergence, collaboration and co-creation”

I grew up in the height of apartheid. I was a very shy and isolated child that never fitted in. Being of Indian descent and growing up in South Africa created even more perplexity in my life.

Furthermore, growing up, living and working in a patriarchal society left no room for me to be myself.

Current approaches to business and leadership are built on outdated patriarchal structures that deprive life-force, authenticity and, even more so, innovation and growth.

My burning desire is to be part of a new leadership paradigm that focuses on building and creating sustainable change and a value based culture where there is alignment for people by people, profit for socio-economic renewal and purpose for the greater good of society. South Africa and Africa needs to acknowledge that there is hunger and thirst for transformation. Leaders should start seeing themselves as a vital force for change and by doing so we need to take a deep look at ourselves first. Business leaders need to overhaul and revitalize to the new way of thinking and doing business towards inclusive, integral enterprises instead of the old conventional ways that inhibit growth and opportunity.

In the near future, it is imperative that business steps up with innovative solutions rather than waiting for government to impose policies such as black economic empowerment or, worse still, resorting to underhanded business dealings just to make profit. The recent spate of corruption and scandal experienced both locally and globally in government and business shows that the moral fiber of our society is slowly being eroded. The need to build more on cultural awareness programs, build empathy and social awareness as part of re-building ourselves, our country and our companies has never been more needed and important as it is now!

This can be the new balance sheet item that missing which needs to be exploited to extract future value to realize the true potential and possibilities of our economy, country and future leaders.

My search for knowledge and learning both from a practical and theoretical perspective led me to start my doctoral thesis based on the integral research program of Trans4m and Da Vinci Institute.

With my PhD Group

My research-to-innovation journey on this PhD programme is not just about getting a qualification but it is about a process of holistic development (PHD) which has opened my mind and heart to the immense power that individuals, business, community and government have to effect transformation.

Convening Leadership Meetings
Convening Leadership Meetings
Building Women Networks
Building Women Networks

In November 2020 Premie Naicker graduated as PhD, with an excellent thesis-cum-innovation on INTEGRAL AFRICAN FEMININE LEADERSHIP.