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Robert Dellner:
A Dedication to Integrative Growth and Development

“I am driven by building a collaborative environment centred on integral approaches to current economic, systemic and financial issues of our time.”

Robert Dellner

Having grown up in the relatively tranquil and democratic waters of Scandinavia and the prevailing sociopolitical economics in particular of Sweden, in my youth, it became apparent that much of what our lives become are a function of our respective backgrounds and relative privileges.

This also included a sense of how values and beliefs from our place and family of origin was fundamental to the paths we take in life.

I left Sweden in the mid-1980’s to start a career in Finance in London which was the time of the “big bang” and the beginning of an explosion in financial intermediation and innovation. Having studied economics and Business in Stockholm and London, I immersed myself in the foray of Finance and Capital Markets in particular.

I went on to study Finance in further depth at the London Business School whilst working at a major financial institution as I knew that my work and continued development depended on ongoing study in relation to my work areas.

It was whilst working within large organisations where I also experienced firsthand, the power complexes and their misuse by senior management. This had a profound effect on my view of Finance and markets in general and also I felt a need to become if possible a catalyst for change. This led me to taking a role as head of a business unit whose mission it was to generate productive change. This experience was highly successful and gave me further impetus for development in this area.

This in turn let me into depth Psychology and looking into how organisational and leadership change occur. As a result, and to fully embrace the change paradigm, I became a practicing Psychotherapist which also let me into a deeper investigation into my own integrative approach and development.

Following from this period, now having re-integrated myself back into the world of business and finance, it became obvious to me that one of the missing contributions to Finance is the Integral approach which gave me the onus to join with the Trans4m to fully immerse myself yet again into their Integral Worlds approach. What is emerging from this work is the beginning of the Centre for Integral Finance and Economics (CIFE) as a distinct collaborative forum to research end develop solutions that can work in our ever increasingly complex world that we all live in.    

It is within the framework of CIFE that my own research-to-innovation is taking place with a focus on Integral Development in Finance and Economics.

At PhD Module at Sekem in Egypt
At a PhD Module at Sekem in Egypt