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Slovenia: Citizens’ Initiative
for an Integral Green Slovenia

A unique Citizens’ Initiative, calling for a sustainable approach to economics and societal development, building on the natural and cultural wealth of Slovenia

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The Citizens’ Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia, founded in April 2013 by a group of distinguished Slovenian experts and led by Dr. Darja Piciga, started to operate with a public address to the Citizens of Slovenia, calling to co-create Slovenia as a respected eco-country, a mutually cohesive and inclusive society with a thriving economy and a high quality of life, space and the natural environment, and pointing to the existing potentials for such a sustainable path. The initiative actively builds on Trans4m’s Integral Worlds approach, in particular on its application to economics and development: Integral Economics and Integral Development.

Since then, the initiative managed to grow, through dedication and determination, into a highly diverse group of individuals, institutions, initiatives, development centres and enterprises across all societal sectors – with each one of them contributing a vital piece to the Integral Green Slovenian mosaic. Their endeavours are based on the conviction that an integral green economic approach provides Slovenia with a realistic possibility to become within a decade a respected eco-country, a mutually cohesive and inclusive society with a thriving economy as well as a role model for high quality of living, in tune with the natural environment.

Furthermore, the Citizens’ Initiative believes that Slovenia also has the opportunity to become the first country to systematically implement an integral, wholesome, and collaborative economy – for the benefit of Slovenia, Europe and the World.

Since 2014, the Citizens’ Initiative is applying the theoretical framework of Integral Worlds Approach (with its transdisciplinary, transcultural and transformative character) in an original and practical way:

  • by placing fundamental values, underlying the Slovenian and European cultural heritage, in the centre and as the starting point of practical policies and measures;
  • by authentically building on Slovenian culture as well as incorporating elements of neighbouring and other cultures;
  • by connecting and upgrading a number of Slovenian good practices, aligning them with (already) internationally recognised models of integral economy and sustainable development;
  • by smart integration and effective implementation of EU developmental policies based on sustainable development principles;
  • by purposely building on the paradigm of sustainable development that encompasses four dimensions (i.e., economy, environment, society, culture), with particular emphasis on values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Many of the members of the Citizens’ Initiative contributed to the Integral Green Slovenia book.

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