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Integral Institute for the Art of Being

SAINARI® is an innovative training and research institute that helps to effectively connect lifestyles, management and the economy through an integral-spiritual way of living and working – serving all life on this planet.

SAINARI® is an innovative further training and research institute that helps to effectively connect lifestyles, management and the economy through an integral-spiritual way and art of living – serving all life on this planet.

As an integral institute and part of the Trans4m movement, SAINARI® uses the Research-to-Innovation process to explore the topic of “Spirituality, Capitalism & the Art of Leadership”. One of the institute’s main activities is to develop integral projects based on the Integral Worlds Theory.

Consciousness is the key to creating a livable world. As an integral institute, SAINARI® supports the local-global consciousness-building process by developing, exploring and implementing training programs that foster a spiritual world view and life practice.

An Integral Approach

Knowing yourself is the most powerful way to heal defective and dysfunctional systems, both individually and collectively. That is why the institute’s integral model is based on four pillars:

  • Psychological, transpersonal and spiritual self-exploration: Who am I?
  • Effective transformation methods – based on the analysis of individual and collective belief systems: What am I thinking?
  • (Re-)establishing empathic connectedness with oneself, other human beings and all living creatures: What am I feeling?
  • Appreciative, constructive and systemic action: What am I giving (myself, other human beings, living creatures, the world, e.g. as a manager/leader)?
SAINARI's Integral Approach
SAINARI’s Integral Approach

In its further training concepts, SAINARI® brings together various disciplines, e.g. from the field of humanities, economics, natural sciences, theology, shamanism and spirituality, so as to develop new and integral perspectives on one’s own life, one’s personal impact and local-global events.

Through a unique combination of cross-disciplinary knowledge-sharing and meaningful self-experience, the institute paves new ways for achieving self-knowledge and transformation, e.g. by using transpersonal methods in combination with approaches of depth psychology and systemic approaches. A key priority is to work with managers and profit organisations so as to generate multiplier effects that will foster peaceful coexistence on this planet.

The History of SAINARI®

In June 2014, Cornelia Drescher and her husband Roland Drescher founded SAINARI®, inspired by Trans4m. SAINARI® is an Integral Institute for the Art of Being.

The year 2015 was a highly successful pilot year with a whole range of different events (lectures, workshops, systemic constellations, transpersonal coaching sessions, etc.). Moreover, SAINARI® established a local network called “spiritual impulse” with a centre for alternative practice to promote physical, mental and spiritual health in the region.

2016 is the year of the official launch of SAINARI® and the network.

Co-Founders of SAINARI: Cornelia & Roland Drescher
Co-Founders of SAINARI: Cornelia & Roland Drescher

Mission and Goals of the Institute

SAINARI® aims to promote integral-spiritual life practices and business management through a broad range of activities:

  • Design and implementation of training events/programs for individuals, managers and organizations (e.g. lectures, workshops, systemic constellations)
  • Development of integral qualification programs for multipliers from the business sector (e.g. leaders/managers, HR and organisational developers, coaches, trainers)
  • Research projects in collaboration with universities, research institutes, foundations (e.g. so as to explore the effects of integral-spiritual mindsets/attitudes, methods and programs)
  • Publications to strengthen an integral-spiritual world view (e.g. books, professional articles, YouTube channel, DVDs)
SAINARI Activities
SAINARI Activities

SAINARI® supports the art of being on the basis of “spirituality for realists”. The institute’s founders and trainers have – just as the clients of SAINARI® – embarked on a path of SELF-exploration and opening up to BEING, i.e. they engage in a lifelong learning process. They are experienced, mindful and passionate about working with people and organisations and accompanying them on their spiritual journey towards more consciousness, compassion and greater local-global quality of life.