Dear Trans4mers, Friends and Colleagues of Trans4m!

Welcome to the New Era of Trans4m “Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity”.

This particular newsletter marks the first communication from a new Trans4m that is “co-creating a world that’s a home for humanity”. As its new tagline promises, we shall have an equal local and global orientation: in our local emphasis, we are committed to develop our Home for Humanity in the French Jura Mountains into a full-fledged regeneration campus and integral enterprise; in our global emphasis, we align all our international work, as well as our partnership development, under the “meta objective” of “co-creating a world that’s a home for humanity”.

In this newsletter you will find an overview of latest “Strategic Developments”, in particular the expansion of the original Trans4m via two parallel, mutually supportive Trans4m Initiatives; the inauguration of a Trans4mative Impact Team and the scaling of our integral “Home for Humanity” campus in France for strategic impact.

In “Seasonal Highlights” you will see Trans4m’s expansion into South America, in intensified collaboration with our partner organisation Sinal do Vale in Brazil, and our joint focus on developing interconnected Regeneration Campuses worldwide, and fostering Education for Regeneration. You will see, in Egypt, how our cooperation with Goethe Institut Cairo and Tahrir Lounge has deepened into an exciting transformation journey with a group of Egyptian change makers addressing burning issues in the fields of Culture & Heritage, Education, Environment, as well as Women & Child Protection. In Egypt, we have also consolidated our partnership with Sekem through a new form of integral performance, commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the passing of our late wisdom council member Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish. A highlight of the past season was also the Integral Development Course of Trans4m, accredited by the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, supported by the Theatre of Transformation Academy, and hosted at Home for Humanity in France.

Do then also pass a moment in the sections on “More Highlights …” and “Latest Videos” which provides further deep insights in our latest activties: from an Integral Poetry Workshop in Brazil, to the launch of a book on Integral Resilience by Trans4m Senior Fellow Dr. Jean Parker, to an interview with Trans4m’s Alexander Schieffer by Creating the Game founder Justyn Bostic, to a captivating short video on our Agents of Transformation course and an entire set of “education for impact” videos that University of St. Gallen students produced for our integral partner organisations.

Do enjoy “travelling” through the various posts of the newsletter!

And do keep joining us on our shared journey towards co-creating regenerative futures!

Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues and do let us know your reflections and feedback.

With heartfelt trans4mative greetings


Trans4m Founders - Alexander Schieffer & Ronnie Lessem

Portrait Picture: by Islam “Shady” Safwat during “GENE-IUS” Workshop in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2019

Cover Photo: Bamboo Forest “Floresta de Bambu” at Trans4m’s integral Partner Organisation and Regeneration Campus SINAL DO VALE, Brazil, taken during RegenerARTE Festival in May 2019


Strategic Evolution of Trans4m, Moving Forward as two Parallel Initiatives:
Trans4m “Co-Creating a World that’s a Home for Humanity”
and Trans4m Communiversity Associates

Trans4m’s co-founders Alexander Schieffer and Ronnie Lessem have decided to move Trans4m forward in two parallel and complementary initiatives, one that is more impact-driven with a focus on Integral Development of Self, Organisation, Society and World, and one that is more research-driven with a focus on Communiversities.

Trans4mative Impact Team launched:
To strategically “Co- Create a World that’s a Home for Humanity”

TRANS4M has adopted the new meta-vision of “co-creating a world that’s a home for humanity”. It will focus on establishing Home for Humanity, our home campus, as a living embodiment of integral development. To support this strategic evolution, we are delighted and honoured to announce the launch of our Trans4mative Impact Team, comprising10 distinguished personalities from five continents, who are all close collaborators of TRANS4M.

Scaling Home for Humanity for Transformative Impact:
Top Support for Trans4m’s Integral Campus

A team of three highly talented MBA students completing their joint St Gallen University-Haute Ecole de Commerce de Paris degree (Class 2019) selected Trans4m’s Home for Humanity campus as their annual “Social Impact Project” this year.


Releasing (Y)Our GENE-IUS:
A transformative Workshop-Journey for Changemakers in Egypt, hosted by Goethe Institut Cairo and Tahrir Lounge

From June to October 2019, Trans4m offers an integral journey for Egyptian Agents of Transformation to step into their full personal potential and to become active contributors to the Egyptian Society

Integral Commemoration for Ibrahim Abouleish:
Trans4m honours its late Wisdom Council Member with an Integral Performance on the Sekem Farm in Egypt

Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of his passing, members of the Sekem Community in Egypt convened at the mausoleum of Ibrahim Abouleish for a deeply moving celebration.

Strengthening Trans4m’s Outreach to South America and our Collaboration with Sinal do Vale: Co-Creating a Regeneration Campuses Workshop in Brazil

In the midst of Brazil’s Mata Atlantica, a three day workshop took place for Regeneration Campuses to strengthen and enhance a community of practice around regeneration hubs and practices.

Agents of Transformation Course at Trans4m’s Home for Humanity:
A Deep Journey to becoming Contributors to Society

A Group of 15 Bachelor Students from the University St Gallen came to Home for Humanity for a four-day Intensive Course on Integral Development.



Photo: by Elif Tibet
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