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Integral Green Zimbabwe: An African Phoenix Rising
by Liz Mamukwa, Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer (Editors) and 20 Zimbabwean Contributors

Integral Green Zimbabwe, the first book in the Integral Green Society and Economy series, introduces a powerful transformation process, helping Zimbabwe as a whole to become more “integral” and more “green”, thereby responding to its specific needs and drawing on its particular strengths. The research-and-innovation community driving this process included all sectors of Zimbabwean society in co-evolving sustainable societal and economic development. As a whole, this book serves as a global showcase for integral development, dealing with an entire society.

Integral Green Zimbabwe - Book CoverAs you read through Integral Green Zimbabwe, you are not confronted with a discordant set of chapters, but invited into an interdependent storyline. Inspired by the pioneering case of the Chinyika community, leading to food security for some 300.000 villagers, all contributors see each other as a continuation of this foundational story of economic self-sufficiency. But they not only build on Chinyika. They also draw on each other to take their integral green society and economy forward, in some cases having formed sub-groups, in most cases having served to co-evolve their own institutions and communities, always with the intention to realise their shared development potential.

All of the featured social innovators worked within an integral development framework and process, designed to address the burning issues that they faced in their organizations and communities. All of them developed new, locally relevant and resonant theory, and translated it into innovative practice. All of them transcended their individual cases into a joint, interconnected and continuing case story to rebuild their nation, Zimbabwe, and to add value to their continent, Africa.

Their collective was also significantly enriched through the contributions of a small number of like-minded internationally renowned thought leaders and innovators – Allan Savory, Kariamu Welsh, Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni and Cont Mhlanga – all from Zimbabwe, whose knowledge and example have greatly inspired the process towards Integral Green Zimbabwe.

Integral Green Zimbabwe - Towards an Integral Zimbabwean Economy
Towards an Integral Zimbabwean Economy

With the transformative PhD program on integral development underlying this book, officially started only in 2009, the reader can begin to imagine how a society can indeed be renewed by a handful of people and their organisations and communities. As the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once famously stated:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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Ezekiah Chasamhuka Benjamin; Joshua Mazorodze Chinyuku; Steve Hwesa Masango Kada; Samuel Muchineripi Kundishora; Ronnie “Samanyanga” Lessem; Elizabeth Sarudzai Mamukwa; Kennedy Mukuruwambwa Mandevani; Mark Kenneth “Kudakwashe” Marombedza; Passmore Musungwa Matupire; Winnie Ndakaiteyi Mhaka; Cont Mhlanga; Paul “Chidara” Muchineripi; Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni; Tapuwa Sherekete Rushesha; Allan Savory; Alexander “Mukanya” Schieffer; Jimmy “Mukundi” Shindi; Kariamu Welsh