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Om Creations in India: Redefining
the Capabilities of Developmentally Challenged

Om Creations Trust describes itself as an integral social enterprise and its strategic objectives are to turn the capabilities of mentally challenged adults into means of sustenance and income; to rehabilitate and heal through knowledge, empowerment and a traditional ethos; and to constantly innovate and to promote inclusiveness and dignity of the mentally-challenged. Its unique integral enterprise approach is becoming increasingly a role model not only for other similar social enterprises, but also in the corporate private sector in India and beyond.

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Om Creations Trust was founded in 1991 by Radhike Khanna and a group of parents who saw the need for a workshop as an alternative to placing graduates from its sister organisation S.P.J. Sadhana School into open employment.

Since the beginning, it has been the vision of Om Creations to redefine the capabilities of the developmentally challenged woman and enable them to get recognition as artists in their own rights. A large variety of unique hand-made items are being produced under the guidance of professional training that refines the skills acquired at S.P.J. Sadhana School.

The workshop for predominantly special women is an integral enterprise that clearly transcends the functioning of a conventional organisation. Rishabh Khanna creatively assimilated the integral enterprise model developed by Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer to Om Creations Trust.

Om Creations as an Integral Enterprise
Om Creations as an Integral Enterprise
(Assimilation by Om Creations & Rishab Khanna)
Om Creations Group Photo
Om Creations Group Photo

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